Single Leg Balance Reach on Pad


How to Do

How to Do Single Leg Balance Reach on Pad

The Single Leg Balance Reach should be attempted only after the Single Leg Balance exercise can be performed while maintaining perfect form.

Make this exercise more difficult by performing all of the Single Leg Reach Steps on the disk without returning to the starting position.


Beginning Single Leg Balance Reach

1. Start by placing both hands on the hips.

2. Place the left foot on the disk and shift your weight to the left leg while the right foot just hovers above the floor. The left knee should be slightly bent and the spine must be straight.

3. Keep the chest out and the eyes focused on an object straight ahead.


Single Leg Balance Reach Movement

1. Move through all of the steps described in the Single Leg Balance Reach while keeping perfect posture.

2. Change the starting position by balancing on the right leg on the disk while the left foot just hovers over the floor and repeats this front-side-back sequence.


Single Leg Balance Reach Benefits

The Single Leg Balance Reach Disk is an advanced version of the Single Leg Balance Reach.

This exercise challenges balance and strengthens the hips, glutes, legs, and CORE muscles even further as it is performed on a disk.

Exercise Aliases

Dyna Disc Exercises, How To Do a Single Leg Balance on Dyna Disk, Advanced Balance Exercises.


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