Single Leg Half Bridge Circles on Ball


How to Do

How to Do Single Leg Half Bridge Circles on Ball

This exercise may be performed by healthy exercisers who demonstrate great flexibility in the hips.

Be certain to perform this exercise as long as the good form may be maintained throughout.

To make this exercise more challenging, add weights to the extended leg and or increase the number of repetitions.

Tubing may also be placed around the upper part of both thighs.


Beginning Single Leg Half Bridge Circles

Begin by lying on your back with your arms alongside the body.

The palms should be face down and the shoulders should be pressed flat against the floor.

Position the right heel on the stability ball.

Suck in the tummy, drawing the navel towards the spine. Focus the eyes on the ceiling.


Single Leg Half Bridge Circles Movement

1. Raise the left leg into the air with the left toe flexed and pointing at the ceiling.

2. While pressing the shoulders and forearms against the floor, squeeze the hips and slowly lift them off the floor. Hold this position.

3. Rotating from the left hip, begin to make counterclockwise circles in the air for the desired number of repetitions.

4. Slowly lower the hips to the floor and position the stability ball under the left heel.

5. While maintaining good form, repeat the exercise on the right leg.


Single Leg Half Bridge Circles Benefits

Leg Circles-Supine 1-Leg Stability Ball Progression 1 is an advanced exercise that strengthens and stabilizes the CORE, hip, and thigh muscles.


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