Standing cable weighted crunches with single arm


What is it and benefits?

  • The Single Arm Standing Crunch on a Freemotion or cable machine is a beginner exercise designed to strengthen all of the CORE muscles.
  • It requires a weighted cable machine.


Who should perform it?

  • This exercise may be performed by anyone who has no injuries or restrictions in movement of the CORE muscles.


Getting Started

  1. Stand up straight with feet no wider than shoulder width apart. Ensure that the back is positioned against the machine pad.
  2. Take the strap in your hands and extend it down over your left shoulder.
  3. Lock both elbows against the sides of the ribcage and hold in position.


How to Do the Exercise

  1. Bend over at the waist and twist the trunk slowly so that the left elbow reaches toward the right hip.
  2. Return to starting position making sure to check posture. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  3. Then take the strap in your hands and extend it down over your the right shoulder.
  4. Keeping elbows pressed against the ribcage, repeat the bending and twisting motion for the desired number of repetitions.
  5. Make sure to keep both feet flat on the floor for the duration of the exercise.


Challenge Yourself

  • Make this exercise more difficult by increasing the number of repetitions and/or increasing the amount of weight lifted.


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