Dumbbell overhead triceps extension standing (tricep curls)


General Guidelines:

  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Begin the exercise standing up nice and straight (back straight, not curved), shoulders back, chest out, and head looking forward.  


  • With the proper form, hold two dumbbells straight overhead. Try to keep your arms tight alongside your head during the entire exercise, which will place the most amount of tension on your triceps.   

How to Do:

  1. With your arms straight over your head, you are going to bend your arms back using your elbow until your arm forms a 90 degree angle.
  2. Control the dumbbells coming down and give a slight pause when you reach the bottom of the exercise.  
  3. After a very brief pause, you are going to lift the weights back up to the straight position with control and strength. That is one repetition.


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