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How to Do Standing Cable Chest Press in Split Stance With Alternating Arms

The standing cable chest press in split stance with alternating arms should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the standing cable chest press in split stance with alternating arms.


Beginning Standing Cable Chest Press

1. Adjust the pulley lever's height so that it is at shoulder level. Place yourself in the middle of the pulley machine, grasping each side's handle.

2. Push the handles forward to start the movement.

3. Pause for a moment after completely extended, then slowly return to the beginning position.


Standing Cable Chest Press Movement

1. Start off in a position facing the opposite of the cables.

2. You will be in a staggered stance with one foot planted behind you, and one foot before you. Your legs should be about 2 feet apart from each other with about a 6-inch gap between them.

3. Stand tall with your head in a neutral position facing straight away.

4. Grabbing both cables so that your palms face down, the starting position will have both of your arms bent at your elbows at a 90 degree angle to your sides and up by your head.

5. From here press forward one arm so that it is extended directly in front of you.

6. Bring your arm back slowly to the starting position and then repeat with the opposite arm.


Standing Cable Chest Press Benefits

The cable chest press promotes balance and stability by strengthening your core muscles. You can do it one arm at a time, varying the height of each push to target different parts of your chest.

Standing Cable Chest Press With Split Stance
Standing Cable Chest Press
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Standing Single Arm Cable Press With Split Stance
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Standing Incline Cable Press With Split Stance
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Incline-decline Standing Cable Chest Press With Split Stance

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