Standing Cable Weighted Crunches on Single Leg


How to Do

How to Do Standing Cable Weighted Crunches on Single Leg

This exercise may be performed by any beginner exerciser who has no physical limitations.

Concentrate all movement in the core muscles.

Keep the arms, neck, and shoulders stable.

Check body alignment in between each repetition, ensuring that the spine does not arch significantly. Perform the exercise as long as perfect form may be maintained.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, try upping the number of repetitions and/or amount of weight lifted.


Beginning Standing Cable Crunch

1. Start by positioning the feet 6-12 inches in front of the free motion or cable machine.

2. Make sure they are shoulder-width apart.

3. Reach for one of the straps and pull it overhead. Elbows should be bent and pointing straight ahead.

4. Suck in the tummy. Shift body weight to the left leg. Bend your left knee and slowly lift your left foot off the ground. Hold this position throughout the exercise.


Standing Cable Crunch Movement

1. Slowly curl the spine forward so that the chest draws near the pelvis.

2. Bend forward as far as possible while maintaining perfect balance.

3. Be sure to keep the arms overhead for the duration.

4. Return to the starting position, and then repeat for the desired number of repetitions. Follow the aforementioned steps to perform this exercise while balancing on the right foot.


Standing Cable Crunch Benefits

The Overhead Standing Crunch on One Leg with a Free motion or cable machine is a beginner strength full-body exercise that focuses on all of the CORE muscles.

Exercise Aliases

Upright Crunch, Pull Down Cable Crunches, Single Leg Balance Cable Crunch.


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