Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise


How to Do

How to Do Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise Beginning Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise targets the deltoids.

Stand with feet hip width apart.

Feet should be parallel and the knees should be inline over the second toe.


Beginning Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

1. Maintain neutral hips and a neutral spine during this exercise.

2. The ears should be aligned over the shoulders.

3. Next to your sides, lift both arms up. Stop when arms are parallel with the shoulder joints and reverse down.


Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise Movement

1. Stand with your feet facing forward and shoulder-width apart. The DBs will be in your hands, with your arms hanging down at your side. Draw up the spine so that you are standing straight, and your neck is aligned with your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

2. Tighten up the core muscles to support the spine and back, then raise your arms to the side up to shoulder level. Your elbows should be extended, and your wrists in line with your forearms. Your palms should be facing toward the ground.

3. Bring your arms back to your sides and repeat for the required number of repetitions.

4. Make sure that your body doesn't rock back and forth during the exercise, and that you're not using momentum to throw the weight up.


Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise Benefits

Perform this exercise at home or in the gym.

It works the muscles in your shoulder, especially the middle portion of your shoulder.

Your core muscles will also be activated to support your spine and back while you are performing the exercise.


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