Standing Soleus Stretch


How to Do

How to Do Standing Soleus Stretch

This exercise may be performed by healthy exercisers who are able to stretch the legs without feeling any pain. They must also demonstrate good flexibility in the legs and hips.

Be certain to discontinue this exercise should any pain occur.


Beginning Standing Soleus Stretch

Stand facing a wall or sturdy column. Position the left foot closer to the wall and the right foot behind. Bend the right knee to about a 30 degree angle keeping the right heel on the floor. Keeping the elbows tucked, bend both arms and place the hands near the shoulders. With the palms pressing against the wall, lean your chest against it. Suck in the tummy in an attempt to make the navel touch the spine.


Standing Soleus Stretch Movement

1. Slowly move the hips so that the legs and calves rotate in both directions until you've completed the required number of repetitions. Then, switch sides and repeat the process with the opposing leg.


Standing Soleus Stretch Benefits

Soleus with Proneus and Supination is a beginner exercise that stretches the legs and calves.


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