Piriformis Release Foam Roller SMR


How to Do

How to Do Piriformis Release Foam Roller, SMR

While bending the right knee, cross the right ankle over the left knee. Roll down on the foam roller positioning it beneath a tender spot of the rear and outer hip. Take the left hand and pull the right knee towards the left shoulder to increase the stretch. Stay in this position until the pain lessens significantly. Move around on the roller until another tender spot is found. Repeat as needed. Switch legs and repeat while rolling on the right hip.

This flexibility exercise is good for those who have tightness and restricted movement in the hips, especially when rotating the legs outward.

Keep the abdomen drawn. Do not force the movement.


Beginning Stretch Piriformis With Foam Roller

Sit with the buttocks on a foam roller. Extend both legs straight out in front. Suck in the tummy drawing the navel towards the spine.

While sitting on the ground, move your foot across your body to other knees.


Stretch Piriformis With Foam Roller Movement

1. Roll onto the hip region that is farthest from the foot.

2. For added tension, pull the knee toward the shoulder.

3. When you feel a tender area, stop, and keep the foam roller on that spot until the pain goes down by 50-75%.


Stretch Piriformis With Foam Roller Benefits

Piriformis, SMR is a beginner stretch that can improve flexibility and range of motion in the hip joint.


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