Pivot tricep rope extension to woodchopper



  1. Maintain good posture with shoulder blades back and down and good stability through the abdomen.
  2. Begin with a thorough dynamic warm up before starting this exercise; This engages the nervous system.
  3. Position the feet wider than the width of the shoulders.
  4. Choose a rope attachment to allow for the appropriate grip and to allow the wrists free range of motion (as shown).

How to Do:

  1. The feet begin together.
  2. Start with the hands by the shoulder nearest to the stack of weights, elbows flexed.
  3. This exercise should facilitate every link of the kinetic chain (in other words, movement from every joint - this exercise should 'flow').
  4. Take a step to the side slightly wider than shoulder width.
  5. Perform wood chop tricep pattern (see regression for description).
  6. Once the hands come back to start position, step feet together.
  7. Rotate the body and face opposite direction, pivot feet and step to the side with the opposite leg (as shown).
  8. Perform wood chop tricep pattern on the 'new' side and repeat side to side.
  9. Ensure that the 'trail' leg (the leg closest to the stack of weights) pivots on the ball of the foot and allows for hip rotation, if not too much stress from twisting is placed on the lower back.


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