TRX side plank



  1. Position TRX System so foot cradles are 8" off ground.
  2. Lay on side in front of system.
  3. Support upper body with forearm and place both feet (toe-first) deeply into foot cradles.
  4. Be sure that feet are at same level and position top foot in front of the bottom foot, (heel to tongue of shoe).

How to Do:

  1. Press hips off ground into "side plank" position.
  2. Stabilize body and control any swing while maintaining alignment.
  3. Reach high to ceiling with top arm and turn head to look up arm.
  4. Lift hip and slowly lower arm, reaching under body to tap floor under or slightly behind hips.
  5. Return to extended position and fight to control swinging motions.
  6. Repeat taps for reps in advanced progressions, support upper body with hand only.


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