TRX sprinter start



  1. Adjust system so that it is fully extended.
  2. Stand facing away from TRX System with neutral grip on handles.
  3. Arms bent at elbows with hands tucked in close to body.
  4. Lean steeply forward so that body angle is approximately 45 degrees.
  5. Push body weight into handles and lift one foot slightly above ground beside other

How to Do:

  1. Engage core and lower body down into lunge position while pressing free leg back into a sprinter’s starting position.
  2. Lower only to a 90 degree angle at forward knee.
  3. Toe on back leg should just tap ground at very back of movement.
  4. No force should be generated from back leg.
  5. Drive forward into movement much like a sprinter out of starting blocks.
  6. Ensure hips stay aligned behind shoulders throughout movement.


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