Wall Squats With Ball


How to Do

How to Do Wall Squats With Ball

No excessive tension in front of pelvis, hamstrings back of the upper thigh, and/or calves.

Must be able to perform classic squat with proper posture.


Beginning Wall Squats With Ball

Place the Stability ball between the wall and the small of your lower back.

Feet should be straight/shoulder width, and lower back should be straight.

Slightly bend the knees.


Wall Squats With Ball Movement

1. Breathing in, squat down, allowing the ball to roll along the wall behind you until your knees are at 90 degrees.

2. Breathing out, stand up slowly until knees are almost at 90 degrees, repeat.


Wall Squats With Ball Benefits

Improves strength and definition in the quadriceps top of the upper thigh.

Improves strength and definition in the hamstrings bottom of the upper thigh.

Improves coordination in lower body.

Exercise Aliases

Wall Squat with Stability Ball, Swiss Ball Wall Squat, How To Do a Wall Squat with Exercise Ball.


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