Resistance band woodchop seated on ball



  1. Door Attachment:  Top of Door.  
  2. Stand in a wide stance with the feet parallel to the door.
  3. Shift body weight to foot closest to the door with knee bent, trunk hinged slightly forward, hip back, and opposite leg straight.
  4. Hold one strap in each hand and clasp hands together.
  5. Straighten arm furthest from door across shoulder with both hands reaching toward attachment site.


How to Do:

  1. Seated on stability ball, turn to hold tubing but remain stable posture.
  2. Rotate torso toward door with eyes and hips facing forward.
  3. Keep wrists firm and unbent.
  4. Slowly rotate upper body and pull diagonally downward with hands toward opposite knee.
  5. Simultaneously hinge forward at the hips and shift body weight to the foot furthest from door.
  6. End with arms straight, leg furthest from door bent, hip back, and feet flat on the floor with back straight.
  7. Hold and slowly return to start position.


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