Tips on How to Drop Weight Fast

Tips on How to Drop Weight Fast


The most effective fast weight loss tip!

Eat less, move more!


Get real with calories and portion control! 

Focus on calories! They are the most important factor for your weight loss.


Measure your goods!

People consume substantially more calories than they admit to.

Our portion perception is way off the rocker and has continued to worsen as serving sizes have increased over the years.

Measure and weight everything you wolf down for one week. You will be amazed by what you find and how much less you should truly eat for your goals.


Get real with a food log! - The best tip on rapid weight loss

There was an exciting study that found people who track or log their food lost twice the amount of weight on the same program. It was all over the media outlets.

I would recommend that you start a food journal based on what is most convenient for your lifestyle.  Online, pen and paper, you should use whatever method works best for you.

Keep in mind, there has also been tons of studies showing that people routinely underreport their calories, food logging or not. This is particularly common in obese individuals. Regardless, you need to get real with yourself and document everything! Yes, that includes that innocent handful of skittles.

And when it comes to accurate tracking, measuring and weighing your foods is necessary and should be done in conjunction with your logging.

Otherwise, odds are you're going to experience problem number one, underreporting. You get the picture. It's a cruel cycle, really.


Go big first thing in the morning!

Never, and I mean never skip breakfast!

Choose foods high in fiber and protein like whole grain cereal and reduced fat milk. Don't forget to throw in a banana for the extra nutrients.

Breakfast really is still the most important meal of the day, just ask your grandmother.

Never skipping breakfast was one of the main variables found with individuals from this very famous longitudinal study by The National Weight Control Registry for keeping weight off!


Don't forget the simple basics.

Eat more vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, fruits, and cut down on meats high in fat and oily foods.


Start off on the right foot!

Meal plan with foods you already eat, the healthy ones that is.

Take the time to write down your favorite healthy foods and create a few weeks of meal plans around them.

Be realistic, and don't be afraid to include a few guilty pleasures during your planning.

This is a great start and allows you to be realistic with yourself and can help you set a great base.


Chew your foods slower and longer.

Aim for 40 chews with each bite and take a break midway through your meal and focus on conversing when you have company.

Slow down and void shoveling.

Watch the video to learn why.


Analyze your eating patterns.

Figure out the patterns that lead you to eating outside of your plan and focus in on exchanging those behaviors.

  • This may be difficult at first, so try implementing something to temporarily to distract you like reading a book, turning on some tunes, petting your cat or even doing jumping jacks.
  • Once the urge passes, you are more likely to avoid doing it.



Plan (in advance) especially when it comes to meal planning.

Individuals that take the time to map out there week are almost always more successful. Set the most convenient day for you and commit to it each week.


Remodel food hotspots!

Find the areas in your life that you grab food items the most and "remodel" the foods that are available there.

  • For example, move all the healthy options to the forefront of your refrigerator. Hide or move back the processed options and anything else you have no business eating while dieting.
  • Make high caloric and comfort foods difficult to get to. You can even completely cleanse your cabinets and ditch the junk foods entirely if you are worried that "remodeling" is not enough.


Eat more!

Eating more meals and snacks per day does not work for everyone. Some people just do better with three square meals.

However, for most, throwing in a few small snacks can prevent you from making those really "bad for you" choices when you are starving.

Eat 30 minutes or so before you feel like making a Taco Bell run and you should be able to reduce binge eating, or even prevent yourself from buying that dreaded 10 pack of beef tacos.


Your problem hours are ruining your diet!

Being an entrepreneur, I always hear that most of my time should be focused in on that five percent of what truly grows my business. Well, the same principle can be applied to dieting here in reverse.

Focus in on the 5% of your day that you make the most dietary mistakes and implement a "game plan" to change it.

For most, this typically happens after a long day when you are unwinding with your family. Change that pattern for quick weight loss.


Avoiding fat!

Are you eating a lot of foods that are high in fat (especially saturated fat)? If so, it would be wise to drop them.

The reason, high fat foods add excess calories to your overall diet, and they are typically high in saturated fat, which will raise the level of cholesterol in your blood and can increase you risk for heart disease.

Avoid any food choices that have higher than a 30% fat content.

That is one tip for losing weight fast that your heart will thank you for later.


A grab away!

Keep healthy snacks and meal replacements at an arm's length. Always have access to a healthy snack in the times of need.


Balance, balance, balance!

Make sure you are consuming a balanced and complete diet.

A balanced diet consists of a 50-60 percent carbohydrate content--that is fruits, vegetables, breads, pastas and rice.  Of this amount, 90 percent should be in the form of complex carbohydrates which are whole grain products (brown rice, whole grain breads, pasta) and less than 10 percent from simple carbohydrates (candy, cakes etc.).

Compliment this with a diet that has a 20-30 percent fat content and finally balance your diet with a 15-20 percent protein content-- that is meats, soy and dairy products.


Food prep wisely!

Begin preparing your foods in ways that help to remove fat, like baking, boiling, broiling, roasting or stewing.

  • Never fry your foods.
  • Trim the fat off meats and remove the skin and fat from poultry.
  • Make healthier food selections like fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta, dried peas and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, lean meat, fish and skinless poultry.
  • Begin reading food labels and avoid foods that are high in fat and calories.
  • Also, ditch any foods that are high in sugars such as pastries, candy bars, pies and cakes.


Always use a shopping list, and never shop when you're hungry.

You already know why this is important. I must buy at least 20% more food while shopping directly before dinner.


Plan (ahead) for all your meals.

Always think ahead of what you can do to make it easier to eat healthy.

  • For example, at a buffet table, choose wisely.
  • At a friend's house, control your portions sizes.
  • When you get hungry between your meals, try drinking a glass of water or eating a piece of fruit, and stay away from the kitchen.
  • If you really desire a fattening food, eat just a little bit and then leave it alone. However, if you don't trust yourself with it, don't eat any at all.
  • Begin eating your foods slower.
  • Take smaller portions and always avoid seconds.
  • Every day try eating a few smaller meals instead of one main meal.
  • Instead of overeating, find healthier ways to deal with your stress and boredom. For example, try taking up a new hobby or starting a walking plan.


Clear the candy drawer entirely out.

A few bits here and there really ad up and can deceive the dieter who can't figure out why their weight will not change.

Some goes for potato chips and other sneaky foods that you just can't have one of.


Read nutrition labels.

Avoid foods high in trans-fat (bad for you fat).

  • Look for the words hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated for a "dead giveaway".
  • Also, ditch foods high in sugars. Some keywords to look out for are glucose, sucrose, maltose or the current media sensation, high fructose corn syrup.


Detox your body the natural way!

Scratch the cleanse products and detox pill hoopla.

Do it naturally be consuming five servings of fruits and veggies daily.


Get hydrated and drink more water for quick weight loss.

Cut down on any soda, yes that include diet, flavored drinks and replace them with H20.


Got Vitamins?

Take a good multi-vitamin to insure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals especially while dieting for fast weight loss.


Pack and snack!

Set yourself up for success by making the good stuff always accessible.

  • Use pre-made or nature's best creations like fruits, vegetable, salads, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Protein bars, any whole grain-based foods and lean protein sources are great choices also.
  • Load your fridge with them. Fill your cabinets.
  • Pack your own lunch.
  • Have a health snack drawer at work.


Eat to fuel, not for comfort.

Do you struggle with emotion eating or using food for a reward?

  • Either way, write down a list of planned activities that you will use instead.
  • Next time you have a bad day try going for a walk, reading your favorite book, or pet your animals.
  • What are some positive behaviors that you can use that will benefit your fast weight loss goals?


Cut down on processed foodstuff and exchange at least one daily meal with a bowl of steamed vegetables.

This is especially important for those looking to lower their sodium intake and total calories.


Don't fool yourself and justify dessert!

You may be working out hard and kicking some major tail on that elliptical, but don't let that warrant you the option to eat what you want.

Most people burn around 200-300 calories during a typically cardio session. There is way more calories in that peanut butter triple chocolate blizzard.


Learn, learn and learn some more from your past dietary mistakes!

Don't let them predict your future. Write down your previous blunders and what you going to do different this time.


How Can I lose Weight Fast? Mind-Set!


Let your goals be known!

Share your goals with the people in your life: friends, family, coworkers, to name a few.

  • Become an advocate for change and encourage others while they watch you transform.
  • People who inform others about their goals and take ownership of their changes are much more likely to succeed.


Weight loss marriage?

Get your spouse or legal partner hooked and hitched to changing shape with you!


Competition on!

Social support from your closest loved one can make all the different.

You can even challenge them to a friendly fast weight loss competition to really get the love juices flowing.


To increase your fitness successes, write it down.

Research reveals that those who write down their daily goals have a much greater likelihood of achievement.

Thus, every single day commit to writing down your fitness goals and you will drastically increase your chances of success.


Find a fitness role model in picture form, cut them out and attach them to your fridge.

Don't be afraid to talk with them about your goals. They must listen and will never interrupt.


Tell the world about your goals!

  • Start a blog.
  • Enounce it on Facebook!
  • Upload your before picture and tell everyone your goals, how you plan on getting there and what you will look like three months from now.


You are not perfect!

Everyone falls off the band wagon from time to time. In fact, you should plan on doing so and have a plan of action for when you do.

  • Make a list of faithful techniques you are going to use to get back on track when you stumble.
  • Have a go-to person that will urge you on when you hit the brakes.
  • Keep that person in the loop and let them know you will be calling them on the tough days.


Partner in crime!

Get a workout partner and hold each other accountable.


Ally in change!

Find a friend that has similar goals as you or is interested in your success. Schedule a weekly email or phone call with them on a set day. Commit to it every week.


Reward your efforts!

Write down your weekly goals and how you plan on rewarding yourself once you reach them.

A shopping trip, massage, whatever gets you excited and is an appropriate reward for your efforts should be the aim.

Update your goals and rewards weekly.


Don't judge your success only on your weight loss.

Focus on the other improvements you are making and how they will benefit you for years to come.


Measure those love handles!

Track your weight weekly and include tape measurements around your "problem areas". This will give you a much more accurate picture of your progress than weight alone.

Ideally, include tracking of your body fat to really gauge your progress!

Doing so will help keep you on your path to a slimmer you and will help you recognize real plateaus.


Weight yourself on the same scale.

Yes, your weight could change based on drinking fluids, salt intake or any other changes that may alter your hydration levels. It would help if you did your weigh in after drinking the same amount of fluids and eating the same amount of foods. It usually is easiest to do first thing in the morning.

Everyone's weight does fluctuate. My weight changes about five pounds throughout the day.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise


Continue to stay active!

Don't give up on your physical activity program.

Find an exercise partner or a new class to help you stay interested.


Avoiding plateaus.

Switch up your routine when your progress slows or when you get bored with it.

  • You don't want your routine to get stale.
  • Usually, you want to change things up when you feel ready for something different or if your progress slows. That usually happens every month or so.


Curb your appetite with activity!

Research has shown that a brisk walk can curb your food cravings. Can that burger and walk instead!


Join a likeminded group or a few.

Join an intramural or city league of an activity that you love competing in.

Get involved with groups that get you moving or are committed to the same changes as you, like a support group.


Go heavy or go home!

Heavier weight training almost always works better for long-term fat loss because it elevates your metabolic rate.

  • You really want to select a weight that will challenge you for the specified reps that you can complete in good form.
  • In other words, you want to select a weight that will cause you to fatigue around the last couple of reps.


Turn house chores into an Olympic event!

Clean with speed and focus on raising your heart rate while doing yard work or even sweeping your hardwood floors.

  • Researchers have appropriately named these types of actions incidental physical activities (IPA) and found that 30 minutes a day can have significant long-term health benefits, maybe even help keep the doctor away.
  • The higher the intensity, the greater the benefit. Who needs to hit the gym? Vigorously scrub, sweep and mow for the best results.


Up-and-downs at work?

Most Americans work desk jobs and are seated far too many hours in the day.

If that includes you, break it up with movement.

  • Every time the phone rings, stand up and answer it.
  • Scratch drafting that long email replay, set forth to your coworker's desk and use words.
  • Walk to the copy machine or water dispenser every hour.
  • Stand and sit down as frequently as you can: just don't freak out your fellow employees. Tell them why you are doing this. You might even enlist their support and could start a mini-exercise club during breaks.
  • An energized staff is a productive one.


My best friend stinks and loves to cuddle!

Yes, I'm referring to my American Pit-Bull Terrier, Zeus. He truly is the most loyal workout companion I've ever had.  Rain or shine, he knows when it's walk time and does not let me forget about it.

Set aside a specific walk time every day with your doggy.

By doing so, once your pooch gets into the pattern, you both will be off to a heather habit. Woof!

Fast Weight Loss Tips Summary

In summary, some of the tips for losing weight fast that the team at suggests include:

  • Refrain from eating in front of the TV or computer
  • Avoid distractions when eating
  • Chew foods more slowly
  • Never skip breakfast
  • Eat less, move more
  • Forget counting carbs or protein and focus on consuming fewer calories
  • Measure foods and monitor portion sizes
  • Regular self-weighing
  • Plan meals and eat more frequently to manage appetite
  • Keep calories and food intake consistent throughout the week and weekends


When you consider these tips on losing weight, it is plain to see that we are not talking secret formulas or "cheats" that will result in weight loss.

These are simple, proven, and ultimately effective tips to losing weight quickly that can be adopted without shelling out loads of money on quick-fix remedies and pills and nonsense potions or fad diets that do nothing for long-term weight loss, and certainly don't enhance overall fitness and wellbeing.


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