Natural Weight Loss Tips

Feb 26 2020

Natural Weight Loss Tips

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"Is there such a thing as 'natural' weight loss?"

This is a question many people ask, and the answer is, "yes," but there are two ways of looking at it.

But maybe first off, we need to be clear on what is 'unnatural' weight loss.

Unnatural weight loss is surely a process such as bariatric surgery which relies on surgeons cutting you open to staple part of your stomach together to make your stomach smaller and thereby repressing your appetite.

This is a somewhat drastic measure - but no doubt useful for seriously obese people - although it is evident that hard work is still required after surgery to keep weight off and has only been found to be truly effective in conjunction with the gastric band-wearer establishing healthy eating habits in tandem with a stable pattern of regular exercise.

As for natural weight loss - this can fall into two categories.

Well, three actually...

  • There's the natural weight loss that occurs through a balanced approach and respect for what you eat (calories) in conjunction with regular exercise.
  • The so-called natural weight loss that can be bought through popping a cocktail of 'natural' herbal supplements and/or diet pills that restrict your appetite.
  • The unintentional natural weight loss that can result in times of illness!

We don't mean to be cruel, or make light of it, but when you think about it possibly the most natural way to lose weight is through starvation.

And this only really occurs when one is ill with cancer, AIDS, gastrointestinal disorders, infection, renal disease, cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, connective disease, or neurological disease.

Of course, no one would wish that on anyone, but it is undoubtedly one way of answering the question, "What is natural weight loss?"

The second variant, and opposite end of the scale, is the somewhat ruthless method employed by marketers seeking to catch the Internet's susceptible and gullible with their miracle potions, pills, and herbal wonder drugs.

By using the term 'Natural' when describing their products, these firms are mercilessly exploiting the word to sell their wares to those looking for a 'natural' as well as hopefully speedy solution to their weight problems.

Don't be fooled!

The only truly 'natural' weight loss answer is science-based and medically honest.

  • That is, weight loss that occurs when people take note of the facts - the number one being that you will lose weight simply, and naturally, if you eat less calories than you burn every day, as well as keep physically active as much as possible, as often as possible.
  • These are natural steps that don't rely on gimmicks and fads or cause reductions in the weight of your purse only...and perhaps more importantly lead to long-term weight control.

After all, the science backs it up wherever you look.

Take for instance this report in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that states the incredible and undeniably successful experience of 4,000 weight losers who have enrolled in the National Weight Control Registry and have been verified by healthcare professionals to have lost at least 30lbs in weight and kept it off for at least one year.

It maybe tells you something that the demographic characteristics of the members are as follows:

  • 77% are women
  • 82% are college educated
  • 95% are Caucasian
  • 64% are married
  • The average age is 46.8 years, and around one-half of the members reported that they were overweight as a child
  • And almost 75% said they had one or two parents who are obese

But how did they do it? That is the important question, and it is there in black and white...

  • 89% used a combination of diet and exercise as opposed to just 10% that used diet only, with a meager 1% advocating exercise only
  • 87.6% restricted their diet to certain foods
  • 78% ate a proper breakfast (consisting mainly of cereal and fruit)
  • 76% used walking as their main form of exercise
  • 44% limited the quantities of food they ate
  • 44% weighed themselves frequently (at least once a day)
  • 43% counted calories
  • 25% counted fat grams

These are impressive statistics, and all verifiable, and goes to show that weight loss can happen without any reliance on fancy fads and cock-a-many schemes that cost hundreds of dollars.

And it is all natural!

But it is also worth noting that about one-half (55.4%) of the NWCR members used some type of help to achieve their weight loss either via a commercial program, physician or nutritionist -

- which is why online health and fitness centers such as are coming into their own and are the fastest-growing resources for people looking to lose weight or simply get fitter.

And the great thing about a company like is that all the diet plans and fitness plans are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client to ensure they get the best plan to suit their everyday scenario, work pattern, or family situation.

With one-to-one supervision and on-going email support, anyone enrolling in a health and fitness program with is guaranteed the utmost in personal care and attention with qualified coaches and nutrition pros.

If you are looking for the truly 'natural' way to lose weight and get fit, then the answer is to turn to!



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