The Dr. Perricone Diet Review

Feb 14 2020

The Dr. Perricone Diet Review

Shortly after reading this article, you will probably still have the same wrinkles as when you started.

However, Dr. Perricone created his weight loss plan, so you can rid yourself of all of them by using his program.

If this sounds interesting or even too good to be true, please read on to learn what I found researching this plan and what I recommend for you.


Dr. Perricone’s Diet

The Perricone diet is centered around the concept that whatever you eat will have a direct result on your body image.

The author of the diet is Nicholas Perricone, and he claims that sugar is the cause for at least half of all skin aging.

He states that its sugar that leads to inflammation, which damages the skin cells and causes the skin to sag.


The Perricone “Stop Aging” Diet

The Perricone Diet is sold as a diet that will remove layers of years from your face, improve your complexion and overall skin tone.

The diet is high in protein and the top foods prescribed are cold-water fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel and so on. These types of fish are known for containing anti-inflammatory agents.

The Perricone diet is based on a twenty-eight-day program.

The main goal of the diet is to combat the effects of aging, but they claim it will also cause weight loss and attack obesity.

The diet will reduce your intake of saturated fats by using protein as an alternative.

Besides protein, you’re also instructed to eat carbohydrates such as broccoli, greens, peaches, spinach and blueberries. These types of foods are low on the glycemic index and therefore they deliver sugar much more slowly to the body. This contrasts with other carbohydrates that are high on the glycemic index (such as potatoes, sugar, corn, peas and fruits).

A typical breakfast would be something like three egg whites and one whole egg. It would also include half a cup of oatmeal and a serving of cantaloupe.

  • Nicholas Perricone, M.D., promises to "stop skin from wrinkling, sagging and dulling" and says that, "being wrinkle free for life is achievable" if you follow his 28-day program.
  • According to Perricone, the reason for eating the extra protein is because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • He also claims that this diet does not advocate low calorie consumption as they usually don’t have enough protein. The lack of protein in the diet is the cause of premature aging.

The inflammation in the skin is what causes the skin to lose its elasticity. When this occurs, it causes fine lines and wrinkles as well as other signs of aging.

  • The main food that is consumed in this diet is wild salmon.
  • You will also eat green leafy vegetables or avocados as they have anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • There are also other procedures that you will need to undertake.

For example, upon first waking up in the morning, you should drink eight ounces of fresh spring water. You will also need to drink at least eight ounces of spring water with each meal (lunch and dinner).


My Suggestions for You

If you are looking for a diet to remove the wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging as well as losing those extra pounds of unwanted fat, then you might want to try this for fun or out of curiosity.

However, you should keep in mind that while there are certain people claiming to have had great results using this diet, there is no real evidence that back up the claims made by the Dr. Perricone diet.

In addition, if you want to improve your skin tone then there are cheaper ways of doing that also.

I would personally stay away and not recommend this diet plan until further research can validate the single claim that in just 28 days you can completely rid yourself off all wrinkles. 

Come on, does that sound realistic to you?

What We Can’t Do for You

We do not promise to eliminate all your wrinkles in 28 days. You will not transform your body overnight from using our services.  If that’s what you are looking for, we are not for you.

On the other hand, our certified nutrition and exercise experts can help you find a long-term eating solution and exercise routine that has been validated by research and fits into your current lifestyle.

Our fitness professionals will even help hold your accountable every week.


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