Printable Food Journal

Printable Food Journal

Do you want to double your weight loss?

Try logging your food.

Tracking calories is one of the most effective ways to lose weight according to research.

In fact, there have been studies showing that individuals on the same plan lost twice the amount of weight simply by administering a food log.


For that reason alone, you should give logging a valid attempt.


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The Calorie/Car Analogy

Let’s say you are going to be taking a road trip for more than 200 miles. Chances are you will need a full tank of gas to get where you’re going. But if you were running errands around town for an hour, you might only need a quarter tank of gas.

Now, think of your body as the car and the gasoline is the energy you put in your body.

A calorie is a unit of measurement for potential energy in food. The more active your body is, the more energy you spend, the more calories you need to keep your body going.

But unlike cars, if you fill up your body with a full tank and only drive a few miles, the unused energy is stored, causing weight gain.

Just as important as how much food you put in your body is the type of fuel going in, and your body needs a blend of these types of fuel for optimum functioning.

We get energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins:

  • four (4) calories are in one (1) gram of carbohydrates;
  • nine (9) calories are in one (1) gram of fats; and
  • 4 (4) calories are in one (1) gram of protein.

However, when it comes to weight loss, does it matter what type of food and/or drinks that you get your calories from?

The answer is a big NO! 

A calorie is a calorie.

This means that when it comes to managing your weight, it does not matter what foods and/or drinks you choose.

What matters instead is how many calories are consumed; whether it consists of eating more calories to gain weight, less calories to lose weight, or eating just the right amount in order to maintain your current weight.


Counting Calories Difficulty

Although counting the number of calories you consume every day may seem a bit overwhelming, like everything else it just takes a little time getting used to.

Before you know it, you will see a food and a rough estimate of the calories contained within that food will start to come to you naturally.


Diet Journal Guidelines

1. Print out a minimum of seven journal copies. Seven copies will last you for one week and more may be printed for your convenience. 
2. After printing, punch holes and place the journal copies in a three-ring binder. 
3. Keep your journal close by at all times and use it as frequently as possible.

Click here for the free diet diary. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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