Target Heart Rate Definition

Jun 8 2021

Target Heart Rate Definition

The target heart rate is the desired range of heart beats per minute that usually elicits the most benefit from working out. It is also known as the training heart rate. Recommendations for this range are dependent on age, gender, physical condition and one’s previous training.

Target heart rate recording can be stored into the memory of a microcomputer with a transmitter and receiver, which is easily portable and can be worn on the wrist.

Normally during exercise, the heart rate varies depending on the intensity. These changes can easily be measured using a radiotelemetry and continuous electocardiogram (ECG) recording.

Why It Is Important to Know Your Target Heart Rate?

Target heart rate is used as a tool for exercise prescription. Results from the recordings are important in planning optimal training. This is especially important in athletes and is applicable for anyone else interested in exercise.

Monitoring intensity is also done to avoid over-training and to accurately set max limits; for example, high speed cycling does not accurately indicate the intensity of exercise, hence the monitoring of target heart rate by the prescribed methods.

Medical professional also use heart rate measurements to help diagnose and track medical conditions.

Calculation Abbreviations

HR = Heart Rate
Max HR = Maximum Heart Rate
HRmax = Maximum Heart Rate
HRrest = Resting Heart Rate
THR = Target Heart Rate
BPM = Beats Per Minute


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