Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths


Don't eat anything after 8.p.m.

This myth drives me nuts and makes me a little hungry at the same time.

The truth is eating late at night does not, and I repeat, does not make you gain weight. Eating too many calories does.

Your body burns calories on a 24-hour basis, so you can eat as late as you need.

Your only limitation should be calories, calories, and calories.

However, with that said, last night when you awoke to binge on Ben and Jerry's Butter Pecan Ice Cream, you blew your total calorie intake for that 24-hour period.


Taking cold showers to lose weight?

Wow, the research was not even done with subjects taking showers; instead they were in respiration chamber all day long.

I'm not sure how that connection was made.

Plus, the average increase in calorie burning from the people taking part in this study averaged out to only 76 additional calories daily.

Don’t freeze your butt off based on this study. It probably won’t make that much difference anyway except leave you cold and cranky.


Tone me! - The exercise weight loss myth that drives me mad.

My personal favorite myth is spot reduction and the plethora of saddle bag toning, hip reducing, bun sculpting, belly-fat melting exercise products that make bazillions annually.

I will save you the hassle and hopefully some greenbacks with this little bit of enlightenment; spot reduction and toning with exercise, even via that snazzy ab blaster, is physically impossible.

Ask any exercise physiologist. Burning more calories than you consume is the only sure way to lose those love handles.


Skipping breakfast to exercise while your body is fasting?

Sure, just drink some coffee to break the lethargic feelings you are having while in starvation and run your butt off!

This may work for some, but running on empty typically leads to you burning fewer calories regardless of the activity you are taking part in.

For the best calorie burn, you should eat one to three hours before any exercise. It's simple; fuel up and you will burn more calories.


Low intensity cardio is more effective for fat burning, wrong!

The most effective forms of cardiovascular movement, and any other form of exercise for that matter, are the types that burn the most calories. Hands down.

For that reason, higher intensity cardio is always more effective.


High rep strength training is more effective for fat loss.

Nope, higher rep training makes you better at doing higher reps.

Heavier weight training with reps in the 15-6 range yield the most physiological adaptations and flat out burn more calories.

However, if your goals are to do high reps maybe due to a sport, high rep training make sense, otherwise load the dumbbell with some wheels!


Heavier weight training will turn the average women into a gorilla, Jersey Shore style.

False, women need heavier weight training for a multitude of reasons (I.E. Osteoporosis prevention) and don't have enough testosterone to blow up from pushing heavy iron.

Now, that's a situation even Pauly D. knows won't happen.


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