TDEE & BMR Formula

Jun 8 2021

TDEE & BMR Formula

What is BMR & TDEE?

Combining your BMR with the amount of work your body does when not at rest (computer work, lifting weights, cooking, jogging etc.) will give you your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

Everyone’s BMR and TDEE varies. It takes less fuel to maintain a moderately active, petite forty-something female than it does an active, voracious teenage male.

TDEE & BMR Formula

  • Here is how to determine your BMR and TDEE.
Males 66 + [6.23 x weight (lbs.)] + [12.7 x height (in.)] – [6.8 x age (years)]
Females 655 + [4.35 x weight (lbs.)] + [4.7 x height (in.)] – [4.7 x age (years)]
BMR + Work Total Daily Energy Expenditure [TDEE]

TDEE Formula Example

If your BMR is 1500 calories a day and you spent 45 minutes on a treadmill and burned 500 calories and needed another 400 calories to complete an eight-hour workday at the office, then your TDEE would be 2400.


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