Anterior Pelvis Tilt

Corrective Exercise Routine

  • beginner level

This workout is ideal for those who sit excessively each day, wear high heels, drive for long periods or are in a bent position excessively. The anterior tilt may be detectable by looking at the belt line. If the belt line starts higher at the back and finishes lower at the front this may indicate an anterior tilt. A client with an anterior tilt will often have fully extended or hyper-extended knees. The most accurate way to check for anterior tilt is to compare the height of the asis (anterior superior illiac crest) to the psis (posterior superior illiac crest). If the psis is higher by more than 5 degrees then the client may benefit from a workout like this.

Day 2

Rest day!

Day 4

Rest day!

Day 6

Rest day!

Day 7

Rest day!

MJ Johnson

MJ is the founder of Changing Shape. His workout has been recommended by Fitness Magazine and other national publications. He is a 20 year plus certified personal trainer and has helped thousands reach their health and fitness goals. While...

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