Dumbbell Arm Workout

Arm workouts at home

  • intermediate level

This workout is designed to target the arms and at the same time, burn as many calories as you can by involving more of the body in each action. Simply put, you will exhaust the arms and burn a ton of calories doing it!! The first few exercises are for warm up. Exercises # 5 to # 14 are to be performed in this sequence: Tricep exercise (#5) Immediately followed by Bicep exercise (#6) 2 sets No rest between Tricep and Bicep exercises 2 minutes rest after completion of Tricep and Bicep exercise sequence, before commencing next pair sequence Continue for Tricep and Bicep exercise pair sequences #7 through to # 14

Day 2

Rest day!

Day 4

Rest day!

Day 6

Rest day!

Day 7

Rest day!

MJ Johnson

MJ is the founder of Changing Shape. His workout has been recommended by Fitness Magazine and other national publications. He is a 20 year plus certified personal trainer and has helped thousands reach their health and fitness goals. While...

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