Post Pregnancy Workout


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Stretching should be gentle and not to the point of maximum resistance. Vigorous exercise should only be undertaken if appropriate. Vigorous exercise should definitely be avoided in hot and humid conditions or if client is unwell. Care should be taken when returning to a standing position after any significant period of time lying down. This is due to chronic changes in blood pressure that may cause you to feel unwell. Exercise regularly (at least three times a week). Avoid competitive sports and activities. Avoid laying flat on the back after the first trimester. Avoid standing motionless for prolonged periods of time. Stop exercising when you feel fatigued. Women who plan to begin an exercise workout during pregnancy or soon postpartum are advised to seek medical advice before commencing any new routine.

Day 2

Rest day!

Day 4

Rest day!

Day 6

Rest day!

Day 7

Rest day!

MJ Johnson

MJ is the founder of Changing Shape. His workout has been recommended by Fitness Magazine and other national publications. He is a 20 year plus certified personal trainer and has helped thousands reach their health and fitness goals. While...

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