Soccer Workouts

Advanced Power Soccer exercises

  • advanced level

This phase of training focuses on maximum speed strength development throughout entire range of motion. This phase of training should only be implemented by the individuals with adequate stabilization strength and eccentric strength. This phase of core training is designed to improve the rate of force production REPS: 1-5 SETS: 4-6 INTENSITY: 30-45% of maximum or up to 10% of bodyweight. TEMPO: Explosive (As fast as possible) REST: 3-5 minutes Cardio is optional in this phase of training

Day 2

Rest day!

Day 4

Rest day!

Day 6

Rest day!

Day 7

Rest day!

MJ Johnson

MJ is the founder of Changing Shape. His workout has been recommended by Fitness Magazine and other national publications. He is a 20 year plus certified personal trainer and has helped thousands reach their health and fitness goals. While...

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