2200 Calorie Meal Plan: Easy Meal Planning to Lose Weight or Eat Healthier, Western Diet Example, Begin Here if You Don't Know What to Eat

2200 Calorie Meal Plan

Get started with this simple meal planning guide to reduce weight and improve your health on a western diet.

A 2200 calorie diet plan designed by a personal trainer to help active people build lean muscle while losing weight. Please seek medical advice before starting any low-calorie diet or weight loss program.

The Guidelines

2200 Calorie Diet Plan Guidelines

The 2200 calorie menu was designed to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, while also feeling energized and satisfied. This plan includes healthy foods that are high in protein and high in fiber.

You likely already recognize how important it is to plan your meals around your schedule. Starting the week with a fridge full of food can help you stay within your calorie range. Avoid picking out recipes last minute.

Use meal prep to help you make smarter food choices and stay within your dietary budget. Being flexible by planning additional food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks may serve you better.

A complete listing of macros and calories in each food is included in the meal plan. This makes it easy to swap out menu items and to be more flexible. 

Your Weight Loss Goals

The 2200 calorie diet is a simple plan to follow. You cut 500 calories from your current diet and focus on the basics. The goal is to lose a pound or two per week and keep it off.

The recipes are simple to follow and take less than 25 minutes to prepare. By eating more protein and fiber throughout the day, you will feel full longer while also helping to control hunger.

Combine diet with regular exercise to see faster results. We have plenty of easy workout ideas that will fit within your schedule.

Your Calories

The 2200 calories diet is a good starting point for most men on a weight loss program. You should calculate your exact needs using our online daily calorie calculator here. This will ensure that your diet is optimal to achieve your goals.

The right number of calories and nutrients for your goals depends on many factors, including physical activity, gender, age, weight loss goals, and overall health. Make sure you understand how many calories your body requires for both losing weight and maintaining it.

Sample Menu

2200 Calorie Sample Menu Plan

The plan outlines 2200 calories daily and includes calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein details so you can easily exchange items.

Here is the sample 2200 calorie plan.

Amount Item Protein Carbs Fats Calories
3/4 Cup Cold cereal, bran flakes, high fiber 3.07 23.00 1.00 113.00
1 cup Low-Fat Milk, 1% 8.22 12.18 2.37 102.00
1 tbsp Cream, fluid, half and half 0.44 0.65 1.73 19.55
12 ounces Coffee-w/caffeine 0.40 1.40 0.00 8.00
1 each Banana-medium 8 inches 1.20 26.70 0.60 105.00
Total: 43.35 40.80 4.82 347.55
AM Snack
1 each Apple-medium with peel 0.30 21.10 0.00 81.00
1 each (6 ounce) Yogurt, fruit, low-fat, with low calorie sweetener 8.26 21.62 2.40 178.00
Total: 8.56 42.72 2.40 259.00
1 each Apple-medium with peel 0.30 21.10 0.00 81.00
2 each Bread whole wheat-slice 6.00 24.00 2.00 140.00
2 cubic inches Cheddar cheese 8.47 0.44 11.27 136.88
0.15 cup Mayo 0.32 8.47 11.77 137.37
3 ounces Turkey breast/white meat 25.50 0.00 0.60 114.75
Total: 40.58 53.96 25.64 610.00
PM Snack
2 each Bread-slice rye 7 grain 10.00 72.00 4.00 180.00
4 tsp Jelly-any fruit flavor 0.00 16.00 0.00 56.00
2 tbsp Peanut Butter 8.00 7.00 16.30 190.00
Total: 18.00 95.00 20.30 426.00
4 ounces Chicken breast/ white meat 35.20 0.00 4.00 187.00
1.5 cups Rice-brown cooked steamed 9.00 93.00 0.00 246.00
4 tbsp Thousand island-reduced cal. Kraft 0.00 12.00 4.00 80.00
0.25 cup Croutons-plain 9.00 5.50 0.50 30.50
1 small Salad-sm. Garden w/tomato, onion 1.30 9.50 0.40 49.00
Total: 54.50 120.00 8.90 592.50
TOTAL 166.00 352.56 62.06 2234.51


Food Quantity
Apple, medium with peel 14 each
Banana, medium 8 inches 7 each
Bread, slices rye 7 grain 14 each
Bread whole wheat - slice 14 each
Cheese, cheddar 14 cubic inches
Chicken Breast / White Meat 28 ounces
Coffee- w/caffeine 84 ounces
cold cereal, bran flakes, high fiber 5.25 cups
Cream, fluid, half and half 7 tablespoons
Croutons - plain 2 cups
Fruit cocktail 3.5 cups
Jelly - any flavor 28 teaspoons
Mayo type, reg., w/salt 1 cup
Peanut Butter 14 tablespoons
Rice - brown cooked, steamed 10.5 cups
Salad - small garden 7 small
Thousand-island - reduced cal. 28 tablespoons
Turkey Breast / White Meat 21 ounces
Yogurt, fruit, low-fat, with low calorie sweetener 42 ounces
Low-Fat Milk, 1% 7 cups

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