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Dumbbell Squat


How to Do

How to Do Squat with Dumbbells

Stand with legs spaced shoulder-width apart.


Beginning Squat with Dumbbells

1. Focus should be on splitting the weight between the hip line and the knee line.

2. Keep abdominal muscles tight.


Squat with Dumbbells Movement

1. Push hips back (like your sitting in a chair) and squat down.

2. Reverse motion once knee joint is at a 90 degree angle or where you feel comfortable in standing position.

3. Do not lock knees at top.


Squat with Dumbbells Benefits

Dumbbell lunges will also build strength in your calf muscles and your abs. Even your lower back will be strengthened as it helps to keep you balanced throughout the movement.

Exercise Aliases

Dumbbell Front Squat.

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