Fad Diets: Dangers and the Outrageous, What Is a Fad Diet and How They Work, Stop the Worst (Top) Dieting Trends, Includes Definition and Examples

Fad Diets

Review of popular diet fads: risks and the outlandish - how to avoid the worst diet fads (with definitions and examples).

Even though their claims are unrealistic, unhealthy, and pretty much hopeless, diet fads are still fascinating and entertaining to learn about.

It is the sheer monotony of such diets, and the seesaw weight effect that leads many dieters to give up all together. This is a common trend in all the most popular dieting fads we have researched.

The Dangers

What Are the Dangers of Dieting Fads?

There is a serious downside to diet fads, and that is the possible danger to health that these quick-fix remedies pose.

♥ And that danger lies mainly in the inadequate nutritional qualities many of the diets consist of.

♥ The human body requires a dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, carbohydrates, and many other nutrients for it to function properly.

For instance, calcium keeps bones strong, vitamin A is good for skin, vitamin C is deployed in the fight against disease or infection, and vitamin E is key to promoting a healthy immune system.

Check out our dietary reviews below to learn more about each notorious dieting fads and the results you can expect from attempting to follow one.

The Bad Diet List

A List of 13 Diet Fads Examples

List of Popular Diet Plans

List of Popular Diet Plans (Some Work, Some Are Fads)

Our Verdict

Verdict on Diet Fads

Diet fads are essentially diets that come and go. They don’t do anything for long-lasting weight control or the healthy promotion of a balanced diet.

And virtually all the diets listed above never mention the importance of exercise.

♥ Any dietician or healthcare professional will tell you that it is only through a well-constructed plan utilizing a varied diet, and a suitable regime of exercise that you can maintain a healthy body, heart, and mind.

We Can Help You

Diet Fad Help

Here at changingshape.com, we do not sell wonder pills for weight loss. We do not believe in a magic bullet that will work for everyone.

Everyone is an individual, with individual needs, and therefore we use science, and research regarding providing personalized health and fitness programs.

We are a team of certified nutrition, and fitness professionals that tailor exercise, and meal plans based on the specific calories, and nutrients a body requires to achieve real results for well-being.

We don’t offer fads – we just provide good, honest fitness and nutrition plans.

Help Me

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