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Smith Machine Squat


How to Do

How to Do Squat on Smith Machine

Squat on the machine squat should begin with good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop squatting on the Smith machine.


Beginning Squat Smith Machine

1. Adjust the Smith Machine bar so that it is at shoulder height. Finally, everyone's height will be different, and you may need to adjust it.

2. Begin with a loaded bar; 10-pound plates on each side are a good place to start. Beginners should begin with just the bar and gradually add weight as they gain confidence in the movement.

3. Position your hands on the bar about shoulder-width apart and lightly grip the bar with an overhand grip.

4. Step forward and place the bar on your trapezius muscles (the muscles closest to your neck/upper back).


Squat Smith Machine Movement

1. Unlock the bar by lifting it up and forward with your feet about hip-distance apart.

2. Return your weight to your heels. As you begin to lower into a squat, brace your abs and keep your head and spine in a neutral position. Your knees should be bent as far as possible. Hold the button for one second.

3. Drive through your heels to stand back up, keeping your core braced. At the top of your squat, squeeze your glutes. That counts as one rep.

4. Perform three sets of 12 reps.


Squat Smith Machine Benefits

The main advantages are increased stability and balance, a more efficient workout, and increased muscle isolation.

Exercise Aliases

Barbell Squats, Squat Exercise.

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