Best Way to Lose Weight: 7 Simple Evidence-based Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Best Way to Lose Weight

Best weight management tips: seven simple evidence-based tips for fast weight loss.

Below you will find several simple ways to lose weight and keep it off. Use the tips that fit best into your lifestyle and that you can manage daily.

After all, the best way to lose pounds is highly individualistic and all about what works best for you now and long-term.

We start with the most basic best ways to lose weight.

The Simplest Tip

The Simplest Way to Lose Weight

Eat less, move more.

Calorie Control

What Is the Best Weight Management Tip? Calorie Control

Focus on calories. They are the most important factor for your weight loss. You must get real with calories and portion control first.

Portion Control

Second Best Weight Management Tip, Portion Control

People consume substantially more calories than they admit to. That is why you must measure your goods.

Our portion perception is way off the rocker and has continued to worsen as serving sizes have increased over the years.

♥ Measure and weigh everything you wolf down for one week. You will be amazed by what you find and how much less you should truly eat for your goals.

Track Food

Third Best Weight Management Tip, Track Food

There was an exciting study that found people who tracked or logged their food lost twice the amount of weight on the same program. It was all over the media outlets.

♥ I would recommend that you start a food journal based on what is most convenient for your lifestyle. Online, pen and paper, you should use whatever method works best for you.

♥ Keep in mind, there have also been tons of studies showing that people routinely underreport their calories, food-logging or not. This is particularly common in obese individuals. Regardless, you need to get real with yourself and document everything. Yes, that includes that innocent handful of skittles.

♥  Regarding accurate tracking, measuring, and weighing your food, it is necessary and should be done in conjunction with your logging.

Otherwise, odds are you're going to experience problem number one, underreporting. You get the picture. It's a cruel cycle, really.

Eat Breakfast

Forth Best Weight Management Tip, Eat Breakfast

Never skip breakfast. Well, this is very personal based; some individuals prefer to fast. Fasting is another effective way to lose weight by lowering your overall calorie intake. It's more important to follow what works best for your lifestyle.

When eating breakfast, choose foods high in fiber and protein like whole grain cereal and reduced-fat milk. Don't forget to throw in a banana for the extra nutrients.

Breakfast really is still the most important meal of the day; check out the research below or just ask your grandmother.

♥ Never skipping breakfast was one of the main variables found with individuals from this very famous longitudinal study by The National Weight Control Registry for keeping weight off.

More Veggies, Fiber and Protein

Fifth Best Weight Management Tip, More Veggies, Fiber and Protein

Don't forget the simple basics. Eat more vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, fruits, and cut down on meats high in fat and oily foods. These types of foods will contribute to your overall satiety and are generally lower in calories.

Meal Plan

Sixth Best Weight Management Tip, Meal Plan

Start on the right foot. Meal plan with foods you already eat, the healthy ones.

♥ Write down your favorite healthy foods and create a few weeks of meal plans around them.

♥ Be realistic, and don't be afraid to include a few guilty pleasures during your planning.

Manageable Exercise

Seventh Best Weight Management Tip, Manageable Exercise

Avoid exercise overload.

Formulate a plan that works with your lifestyle and that is not going to cause you to burn out in a few months' time or less.

♥ Start with a smaller commitment to weekly movement and increase those numbers as you progress.

♥ This is a great start and allows you to be realistic with yourself and can help you set a great base.

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