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Seated Cable Row Machine


How to Do

How to Do Cable Row Machine Exercise

Be sure to keep your head and spine in a neutral position during the entire movement and your feet firmly planted with toes pointing forward. Stay firmly seated throughout the entire movement and make sure the seat is at an appropriate height. Instead of using a fixed machine, you are using a cable machine in this movement. Be sure to keep the cable straight and not to jerk on the weight.


Beginning Cable Row Machine Exercise

Once seated in the proper position, adjust the seat height so that arms are parallel with the floor when grasping the handle.


Cable Row Machine Exercise Movement

1. Plant yourself firmly on the seat facing the cable machine and then grasp the handle.

2. Pull the bar closer towards your chest until you are either touching your chest or as far as flexibility will allow.

3. Slowly let the weight return to its starting position in a controlled motion and repeat.


Cable Row Machine Exercise Benefits

Cable rows seated work various muscle groups across the body, including the latissimus dorsi in the middle back, the erector spinae muscles, the rhomboids in the upper back, and the lower trapezius.

Exxercise Aliases

Seated Cable Rows, Cable Row Exercises.

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