Weight Management: Get Health and Nutrition Tips for Losing Weight Online Based on Research, Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Management

Weight loss online: research-based health and nutrition strategies for losing weight online.

When you think about getting guidance, enrolling in a program to manage weight via the internet has many benefits over traditional in-person plans.

And now to that list you can add dieting and fitness because research has shown that online services such as those provided by changingshape.com are fast superseding the sweat of the gym and the publicness of in-class weight watching sessions. Why?

♥ Because nothing quite beats the pursuit of goals in the comfort of your home, and with online health and fitness workouts, all your fat loss goals can be reached like never before.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out what the researchers found.

The Science

Online Weight Loss Research

Findings from research published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing shows that all studies examining weight loss management via internet weight loss workouts reported positive results, and a further study published by The Obesity Society concluded that an online therapist-led structured behavioral weight loss website produced greater weight loss than a self-help commercial website.

The American Dietetic Association also concurred that computers could play an important part in helping people to change their behavior regarding the management of weight, and that frequent usage resulted in greater weight loss.

♥ Most importantly, it was found that counseling via personalized coaching achieved the most weight loss.

Help at Home

Weight Loss Help at Home

Without doubt, people who want to lose fat are turning to ever-increasing numbers to the internet for solutions.

As Maria Adams, MS, MPH, RD notes, it is because online weight loss workouts are convenient that gives them the potential to be successful. Another appealing aspect, she says, is that they offer tools for dieters to track their progress and provide one-to-one support.

You Need Support

Weight Loss Advice and Support

Indeed, these are the tools that changingshape.com provides for their clients, which has made this site one of the premier online weight loss workout originators currently operating in the United States.

What you get at changingshape.com is:

  • ♥ Customized workout routines built around your schedule.
  • ♥ Healthy nutrition plans designed to meet your dietary needs, fitness goals and preferences.
  • ♥ A personal trainer assigned to be your very own online coach.
  • ♥ No more wasted time and frustration, just results that last.
  • ♥ Guidance and continued support.
  • ♥ Effective and safe fitness programs.

The Summary

Management of Weight Summary

And what makes changingshape.com distinctive, is the value they place on one-to-one support to help answer questions, set goals, and provide weekly assignments to get people on the way to beating the bulky blues of managing their weight.

The team of professional fitness coaches and nutrition experts at changingshape.com have managed to answer the call of thousands of people who have come to them pleading, “help me lose weight” which they have done all from the comfort of their own homes.

Help Me

The Best Meal Plan App

Using the latest science and research, the team at changingshape.com offers plans developed by certified nutrition and fitness professionals. Join the changingshape.com calorie counter app free today.

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