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Straight Arm Cable Pulldown


How to Do

How to Do Pulldown With Straight Arm Exercises

Be sure to keep your head and spine in a neutral position, feet shoulder-width apart and toes straight ahead throughout the entire movement. Only use an overhand grip for safety reasons and be sure to tighten your core. Also, allow a slight bend in your knees.


Beginning Pulldown With Straight Arm Exercises

Stand directly facing the cable machine, using the guidelines above.


Pulldown With Straight Arm Exercises Movement

1. Reach above your head with both hands and grip the bar firmly.

2. To begin the exercise, pull down on the weight while keeping your arms straight during the entire movement until the bar is just above your knees.

3. Pause at the final position for around 1 second, then return your arms to eye level and repeat.


Pull Down With Straight Arm Exercises Benefits

The lat pulldown is a great way to build the latissimus dorsi muscle, your back's largest muscle, which helps you maintain good posture and spinal stability.

The straight-arm pull-down is a machine workout that focuses on the lats.

Exercise Aliases

Straight Arm Pulldown, Straight Arm Lat, Straight Arm Pulldowns, Pull-down Exercise, Cable Lat Pull-down.

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