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Supine Cross Bench Cable Pullover


How to Do

How to Do Lying Cable Pullover

Complete every rep in a slow and controlled manner, using a lightweight until you have properly learned the technique and appropriate depth. Be sure to keep the cable in proper alignment and keep stress off your elbows. Also, be sure the cable is set up properly and not too low.


Beginning Lying Cable Pullover

Lay on the bench facing up and have your arms extend out directly over the cable pulley.


Lying Cable Pullover Movement

1. Lay down on the bench facing up with your head towards the cable machine. Reach your arms back and grab the cable handles.

2. With your arms slightly bent, almost straight, pull the cables until your hands are next to your body-line, then slowly return the weight back to the starting position, maintaining arm position throughout the entire movement pattern.

3. Repeat this movement as recommended.


Lying Cable Pullover Benefits

During the full range of motion, dumbbell pullovers work your glutes, lower back muscles, and core muscles as stabilizers. The dumbbell pullover can improve core strength and stability with appropriate form and consistent repetition. Pullovers with dumbbells might help you improve your shoulder mobility.

Exercise Aliases

Cross Bench Cable, Bench Cable Pullover, Pullover Exercise.

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