Protein Intake Calculator:
How Much Protein Do You Need Daily, Recommended Dietary Allowances

Protein Intake Calculator

Calculator for protein consumption: how much protein do you need each and every day, recommended dietary allowances.

Everyone Is Different

Since everyone is different, use your own personal information to figure out how much protein you should consume daily. Once you enter your weight into the daily protein calculator, you'll be given a few different calculations that are dependent on your exercise level and the needed intakes.

How Do I Calculate My Daily Needs?

How much protein do I need? The recommended daily consumption of protein your body needs ranges anywhere between 10% and 35%, and is dependent on a few factors, such as age, weight, and the number of calories you consume daily.

Healthy Consumption Per Day

Incorporating proteins into your diet is a requirement for good health. Proteins consumed are important for helping with the body's growth, building muscle, repairing tissue, as well as immune function, and can be used for energy when carbohydrates are not available. Your body requires protein to function properly each day (very few people are protein-deficient).


Recommended Protein Calculator


High Protein Foods

There are many foods that are high in proteins, making it easy to hit your recommended daily needs. Choose from the following list for some of the best protein sources: cheese, fish, lean meats, milk, eggs, beans, peanut butter, poultry, soy, nuts, legumes, starchy foods, and vegetables.

Too Much Protein?

You must be careful when consuming too many animal-based products. They can add more calories to your overall diet, which can lead to weight gain and elevated saturated fat, which can raise your LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and has been linked to heart disease.

Your Protein Requirements

Knowing how many grams of proteins you should be eating every day is critical to your overall health. Your body can not make the amino acids it gets from protein on its own.

Proteins consist of large molecules that make up a long string of amino acids. There are 20 essential amino acids and since our body cannot make them all, we must obtain these from the foods we eat.

Amino acids are the building blocks that are essential to the body's ability to build, repair, and maintain every cell in your body.

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