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Single Arm Cable Fly


How to Do

Position yourself in a way that your PEC is constantly engaged throughout the motion.


1. One arm at a time should be performed. 

2. Adjust the cable pulley height from high to low. This will work on various parts of the chest (at the low position you will have an underhand grip and at the middle position your palms will be facing each other.)


1. Place yourself in the middle of two high pulley cables with stirrup attachments.

2. With an overhand grip, hold the left handle in your left hand and the right handle with your right hand (palms facing down). Stand in a staggered stance with your arms outstretched but slightly bent, knuckles facing forward. This is where you'll begin.

3. Begin the exercise by pulling the wires forward and together until your wrists cross fully extended arms. After a brief pause, progressively return to the beginning position. This brings us to the end of one rep.


Workout for the chest and abs.

Workout for the chest and legs

Isolation of a single side of the chest/body is improved.

Exercise Aliases

Chest Fly, Pectoral Fly, Pec Fly, Cable Crossover Fly, Single Arm Cable Crossover.

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