Weight Loss Motivation: Tips and Best Ways to Lose Based on Science

Weight Loss Motivation

Motivating yourself to lose weight, scientifically proven methods for weight management.

Starting and sticking to a good weight loss strategy might feel hard at times.

Often, people just lack the drive to begin or lose motivation to continue. Fortunately, weight management is something that can be improved.

Maybe you don't even know that losing weight doesn't have to be that hard. It is possible to lose weight in an easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective manner if you utilize the correct strategies.

It's simple to become motivated at first, but keeping it up might become difficult over time. Please be assured that this is completely natural. On certain days, your weight management will be high, while on others, your motivation will be exceedingly low.

In this post, we'll explore various ways and tips to motivate yourself to shed fat and pounds and keep your progress moving forward - even on those all-time low motivation days.

New Behavior

1st Weight Management Tip

♥ What are some positive behaviors that you can use that will benefit your fast weight loss goals?


2nd Weight Management Tip

Cut down on processed foodstuffs and replace at least one daily meal with a bowl of steamed vegetables.

This is especially important for those looking to lower their sodium intake and total calories.

Learn Some More From Your Past Dietary Mistakes

3rd Weight Management Tip

Don't let them predict your future. Write down your previous blunders and what you are going to do differently this time.

Let Your Goals Be Known

4th Weight Management Tip

♥ Share your goals with the people in your life: friends, family, coworkers, to name a few.

♥ Become an advocate for change and encourage others while they watch you transform.

♥ People who inform others about their goals and take ownership of their changes are much more likely to succeed.

Weight Loss Marriage?

5th Weight Management Tip

Get your spouse or legal partner hooked and hitched on changing shape with you.

Competition On

6th Weight Management Tip

Social support from your closest loved one can make all the difference.

You can even challenge them to a friendly fast weight loss competition to really get the love juices flowing.

Write It Down

7th Weight Management Tip

To increase your weight management and successes, write it down.

Research reveals that those who write down their daily goals have a much greater likelihood of achievement.

♥ Thus, every single day commit to writing down your fitness goals and you will drastically increase your chances of success.

Fitness Role Model

8th Weight Management Tip

Find a fitness role model in picture form, cut them out and attach them to your fridge.

Don't be afraid to talk with them about your goals. They must listen and will never interrupt.

Tell the World About Your Goals

9th Weight Management Tip

♥ Start a blog.

♥ Announce it on Facebook.

♥ Upload your before-picture and tell everyone your goals, how you plan on getting there and what you will look like three months from now.

You Are Not Perfect

10th Weight Management Tip

♥ Everyone falls off the bandwagon from time to time. In fact, you should plan on doing so and have a plan of action for when you do.

♥ Make a list of faithful techniques you are going to use to get back on track when you stumble.

♥ Have a go-to person that will urge you on when you hit the brakes.

♥ Keep that person in the loop and let them know you will be calling them on tough days.

Partner In Crime

11th Weight Management Tip

Get a workout partner and hold each other accountable.

Ally in Change

12th Weight Management Tip

Find a friend that has similar goals as you or is interested in your success. Schedule a weekly email or phone call with them on a set day. Commit to it every week.

Reward Your Efforts

13th Weight Management Tip

Write down your weekly goals and how you plan on rewarding yourself once you reach them. A shopping trip, massage, whatever gets you excited and is an appropriate reward for your efforts should be the aim.

♥ Update your goals and rewards weekly.

Don't Judge Your Success Only on Your Weight Loss

14th Weight Management Tip

Focus on the other improvements you are making and how they will benefit you for years to come.

Measure Those Love Handles

15th Weight Management Tip

Track your weight weekly and include tape measurements around your "problem areas". This will give you a much more accurate picture of your progress than weight alone.

♥ Ideally, include tracking of your body fat to really gauge your progress.

Doing so will help keep you on your path to a slimmer you and will help you recognize real plateaus.

Weight Yourself on the Same Scale

16th Weight Management Tip

Yes, your weight could change based on drinking fluids, salt intake or any other changes that may alter your hydration levels. It would help if you did your weighing after drinking the same amount of fluids and eating the same amount of foods. It usually is easiest to do first thing in the morning.

Everyone's weight does fluctuate. My weight changes by about five pounds throughout the day.

Additional Weight Management Tips

Continue to Stay Active

Don't give up on your physical exercise program.

♥ Find an exercise partner or a new class to help you stay interested.

Avoiding Plateaus

♥ Switch up your routine when your progress slows or when you get bored with it.

♥ You don't want your routine to get stale.

♥ Usually, you want to change things up when you feel ready for something different or if your progress slows. That usually happens every month or so.

Curb Your Appetite With Activity

Research has shown that a brisk walk can curb your food cravings. Can that burger and walk instead.

Join a Likeminded Group or a Few

Join an intramural or city league of an exercise that you love competing in.

♥ Get involved with groups that get you moving or are committed to the same changes as you, like a support group.

Turn House Chores Into an Olympic Event

♥ Clean with speed and focus on raising your heart rate while doing yard work or even sweeping your hardwood floors.

♥ Researchers have appropriately named these types of actions as incidental physical exercises (IPA) and found that 30 minutes a day can have significant long-term health benefits, maybe even helping keep the doctor away.

♥ The higher the intensity, the greater the benefit. Who needs to hit the gym? Vigorously scrub, sweep and mow the lawn for the best results.

Up-and-downs at Work

Most Americans work desk jobs and are seated for far too many hours in the day.

♥ If that includes you, break it up with movement.

♥ Every time the phone rings, stand up and answer it.

♥ Scratch drafting that long email replay, set forth to your coworker's desk and use words.

♥ Walk to the copy machine or water dispenser every hour.

♥ Stand and sit down as frequently as you can: just don't freak out your fellow employees. Tell them why you are doing this. You might even enlist their support and could start a mini-exercise club during breaks.

♥ An energized staff is a productive one.

My Best Friend Stinks and Loves to Cuddle

Yes, I'm referring to my American Pit-Bull Terrier, Zeus. He truly is the most loyal workout companion I've ever had. Rain or shine, he knows when it's walk time and does not let me forget about it.

♥ Set aside a specific walk time every day with your doggy.

By doing so, once your pooch gets into the pattern, you both will be off to a heather habit. Woof.

Turn Off iTunes Before Getting Chunky

According to research from the journal, Psychology and Marketing, rocking out to tunes while eating is a bad idea.

♥ The study found that people ate more when they had music playing.

♥ The faster the music, the more they ate (that's bad news for Rob Zombie fans).

♥ Really, anything whatsoever that will distract you while eating is a bad idea. We have already covered the pitfalls of watching TV and scarfing. The same principles apply here.

♥ Again, don't do anything that will take your mind off eating and the task at hand.

Don't Take Too Long on Your Squirts

Use spray while meal prepping rather than pouring in oil.

There are roughly 120 calories in each tablespoon of oil.

♥ Cooking spray has only one calorie per squirt.

♥ Most importantly, one squirt is defined by the duration of 1/3 of a second.

♥ That's one fast squirt, and most people hold down that trigger for much longer.

♥ Keep in mind, 35 seconds of squirting and you are over 100 calories (I have to say, I never imagined that I would use the word squirt so many times in one paragraph).

♥ Please just be mindful of your squirts if you want to cut some calories for easy weight loss.

Blue, Take My Love Handles Away

Based on some strange research, blue (the color) encourages you to eat less food.

♥ Some people suggest eating from blue plates, wearing blue outfits, and even dining in a blue room.

♥ Others have even suggested that people associate yellow and red with hunger.

My verdict is still out on this hypothesis. However, I'm sure thinking about the McDonald's yellow arches while writing this and I'm getting a little hungry.

Keep a Food Journal and Log Your Food

Keep a food journal and log your food.

People that do so are three times more likely to lose weight, according to research.

Vow Never to Skip Breakfast

People that do not skip breakfast have higher success rates while losing weight and keeping it off.

You should do the same.

Gum for Dinner?

Research has shown that gum can decrease appetite while others have shown that it may stimulate it.

♥ If you are still hungry after dinner, try munching on a stick of gum and see if it helps.

♥ Pay attention to your appetite and keep this trick in your toolbox if it seems to help you.

Give It 20

Regardless if you are still hungry after huffing down your dinner, wait 20 minutes before eating anything else.

♥ If your stomach is grumbling away at you, develop a coping strategy that will divert your attention.

♥ Walk away the hunger pangs.

♥ Call a chatty friend.

♥ Turn on some Metallica.

Find an activity that works for you.

Avoid Exercise Overload

Formulate a plan that works with your lifestyle and that is not going to cause you to burn out in a few months' time or less.

Start with a smaller commitment to weekly movement and increase those numbers as you progress.

Supercharge Your Results With High Intensity Training

Quick, high intensity workout routines are typically more effective for a couple of reasons. One, they burn more calories and two, they are more realistic based on time constraints. Yes, that even goes for aerobic and cardio routines.

♥ Long, low intensity cardio routines are inefficient and seldom a good workout choice for busy individuals.

Increase Your Daily Exercise With Simple Changes That Make You Move More

You know these: take the stairs, park further away, ride your bike to work, walk your furry friend, daily, to name a few.

Get Your Kids Involved

No one is as busy as parents these days and finding time to exercise can be disastrous.

♥ Try including your kids into your routine by playing tag or chasing them around the house.

♥ You can really focus on any exercise with them that will get your heart rate up. The higher it goes, the more calories you will burn.

A Vacation Away From Fitness

Try taking a break from structured exercise every 6 months or yearly. This should be a planned break and used not only to break plateaus, but also as a re-motivator.

It's Bigger Than Weight Loss

Think outside the external and aesthetic benefits of weight loss.

♥ Focus on why you want to do this.

♥ What are your internal motivators, improved health, longevity?

Focus on Changing a Few Behaviors Per Week and Building Upon Those Accomplishments

Be realistic and set attainable goals. If you fall short, learn from your mistakes and implement new strategies each week.

You can do it.

Set Time Aside Daily to Visual Yourself Reaching Your Short and Long-term Goals

You know, you can just about do anything if you want it bad enough.

Do you see the new you, yet?

Own It

Take ownership of your behaviors and avoid excuses.

You, and only you, are in control of your progress.

Enlist some support from your friends.

By doing so you are much more likely to reach your goals than by doing it alone.

Tell People About Your Goals

You will increase your odds of following through just by telling others about your goals.

♥ Try to talk about them daily.

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