How Can I Lose Weight? 5 Tips for Losing Weight Based on Research, Simple Ways to Help You Shed Fat and Keep It Off

How Can I Lose Weight?

What is the best way for me to lose weight? Simple strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off: five weight loss recommendations based on research below.

♥ Alright, just take me to the five science-based tips on how I can lose weight now.

You don't need a patent pending weight loss product or secret fitness system. You need a realistic weight loss plan that you can manage and that fits into your life.

Let's look at what research has to say on the best ways you can lose weight today.

The Science

Research on How You Can Lose Weight

While weeding through hundreds of research articles, I did find one that was truly remarkable about The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR).

♥ They have conducted one of the longest longitudinal weight loss studies and have identified the variables used by people that have successfully maintained their weight loss, a lot of weight loss. Try to the tune of over 72 whopping pounds per person, and even more impressive, they have kept it off for more than five years' time. That's awesome if I do say so myself.

The Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Here are the variables that made all the difference and my suggestions based on their research on how you can lose weight and keep it off.

The Exercise Way

Lose Weight With Exercise

Tip 1. The NWCR subjects exercised and exercised some more. They committed to exercising, on average, for one-hour every single day.

♥ Not sure where to start? Check out our list of exercises and free workouts.

♥ Try to move more every single day and commit to getting more activity. I know that one hour daily is not exactly realistic for everyone. I also think you should make your exercise workout as fun as possible. Doing so should make it a lot easier to stick with.

For example, try playing tag with your kids daily or even chasing them around the house or yard. I know some families that dance in the kitchen for exercise.

The Diet Way

Weight Loss With Diet

Tip 2. The NWCR people consumed a reduced calorie diet with low-fat foods. Surprised?

♥ Not sure what to eat? Please refer to our free meal plans.

♥ It's not about special diet plans or eating high-protein foods or even avoiding carbohydrates. The fact is; if you eat less calories than you burn daily, you will lose weight.

♥ That is one scientific fact determined by research that you can find repeatedly.

Importance of Breakfast

Don't Skip Breakfast to Lose Weight

Tip 3. Most NWCR subjects seldom skipped breakfast. Those that didn't miss the most important meal of the day reported taking part in more physical activity altogether.

♥ Looking for easier to use tips? Check out our easiest weight loss tricks section.

Weigh Yourself 

Weigh Yourself Regularly to Lose Weight

Tip 4. The NWCR people also weighed in on a consistent basis.

♥ Don't forget to also track your body fat. Check out our body fat tool here.

♥ I would recommend weighing in at least once per week on the same scale. This will help hold you accountable, give you a baseline, and a method for gauging your progress.

Keep in mind that weight is not everything, and I would also suggest that you take your body measurements to help you further monitor your success and changes.

Your Weekends

Maintain Your Diet Plan on Weekdays and Weekends

Tip 5. Not only did they eat fewer calories, but the NWCR subjects were consistent with their meal planning during the week and on the weekend.

♥ Here is more specific information as to why weekends are critical for your weight loss planning.

Many individuals fall off their plan when there is less structure, like on the weekend or when they get home from work.

♥ You should plan specifically for these problem times and have an action plan in place, so that you can quickly get back on track.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions to Lose Weight

Some additional honorable mentions that the NWCR group reported:

♥ Maintaining weight may get easier with time.

♥ And after two - five years, the odds of keeping the weight off increases substantially.

♥ Exercise and diet plan compliance, lower rates of disinhibition and depression, and medical triggers to lose weight all were highly correlated with lasting results.

The Summary

♥ To recap, the findings of the NWCR study make a lot of good common sense. Like always, consistency, hard-work, measurement and compliance are keys to long-term weight loss results.

We at, a team of online personal trainers, believe that it is also critical to set up realistic exercise and dietary workouts for our clients.

If you are looking for someone to take care of all the complexities of workout design, once you join, we will work to develop a plan that fits into your specific lifestyle and that you can manage weekly.

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