Easiest Way to Lose Weight, 9 Simple Steps to Drop Fat Fast, Science-based Easy Weight Loss Tips

Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Nine easy weight loss tips that are backed by science and the simplest way to lose weight.

Looking for the most basic method to lose weight, quick?

Below you will find several simple tips and easy ways to lose weight that you can begin today. To be more specific, we start with nine research-based steps for losing weight, easily.

Drink Water

The Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Water

Two glasses of water to easily keep the body fat away.

Virginia Tech researchers found that subjects who drank two glasses of water before eating shaved off up to 90 calories per meal.

Being our simplest weight loss-friendly trick, most everyone should adopt, and fit more water easily into their schedule.

♥ Think of it this way, if you are eating 4 times daily that could cut out 360 calories.

Your Credit Cards

Second Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Dropping Your Credit Cards

Dollar, dollar bills, y'all. The thinning effect of using your hard-earned cash to lose weight faster.

One recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research found that by using cash when checking out at a grocery store instead of plastic, credit or debit, your odds of buying junk food items, such as ice-cream, candy bars and cookies, go down.

♥ The study also found that when consumers used their cards instead, impulse buys increased and had a higher likelihood of ending up in their cupboards. This helps explain how that darn bucket full of Twizzlers ended up in my cart last shopping trip.

♥ If you currently struggle just passing by the candy aisle without grabbing a few guilty pleasures, make the fastest switch over to cash that you can.

♥ For me, when I use cash, I'm far pickier about what I exchange it for. My entire perceived value of things seems to change, and I bet yours will too with this method.

Sleep Quality

Third Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Sleep

Increase your REM and sleep your way thinner.

Check out this eye-opening study by Stanford University.

No, it's not a nightmare.

Individuals in their study who slept more had lower body fat percentages due to hormone changes.

♥ You should aim for eight quality hours per night for the best weight loss results.

Ice Water

Forth Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Ice Water

Easy-peasy, drink ice water to melt away your love handles.

Drinking ice water can cause an increase in the calories burned daily. It's far from an easy weight loss miracle.

♥ You are looking at about 100 extra calories burned daily for gulping down an entire gallon.

This weight loss tip turns out not to be so easy-breezy after all, but can contribute over time.

Decrease Alcohol Consumption

Fifth Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Skip Alcohol

Pour out a little liquor for my waistline, not the homies.

Don't pour, dump it out entirely.

♥ Each gram of alcohol has seven calories. That's almost double a carbohydrate or protein, not to mention all the sugars used to give alcoholic beverages their winy, addictive flavors.

If you love booze too much to go dry, keep your consumption moderate or low for easier weight loss. Light beers and whiskey straight, or on the rocks, are your best choices calorie-wise.

However, here is a fun fact that will leave you buzzed and hungover; a six-pack of regular beer is over 1500 calories.

Can you say beer belly?

Chew Slower

Sixth Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Chew Slower

Slow down, you're not in a hot-dog eating competition.

I must admit, I have always been the type to inhale my food.

Don't do that.

Chew your food slower.

♥ Focus on chewing your food longer.

By doing so, you slow down the rate at which you ingest your food, which can help you identify your body's cues of being full before you are uncomfortably stuffed.

Every time I eat too quickly, I feel like I'm in a pie-eating competition from the movie, Stand by Me. Don't watch this if you have a sensitive stomach, please. It's one of my favorite flicks of all time, so I had to include it.

Reduce Plate Size

Seventh Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Your Plates

Decrease your plate size when eating.

Our portion sizes and plates have grown larger, which both encourage overeating.

♥ In fact, research has shown that people simply eat more when there is more food on their plate.

I can just hear my dad say now, “aren't you going to finish that”.

Do yourself a favor, dish up with less food, or simply try reducing your plate size.

Either way, you'll likely eat less with this easy weight loss tip and method.

Reduce Mindless Eating

Eighth Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Mindless Eating

Do not sabotage your weight loss with mindless eating.

Never eat in front of the television or while doing computer work.

♥ Research has confirmed that people typically eat more calories while in front of the tube.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Reduce Television Time

Ninth Simplest Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Television Time

The amount of time spent watching TV is directly correlated with an individual's weight. The more they watch, the more they weigh.

♥ Scary fact considering the average American watches 4 hours of television daily.

♥ Simply decreasing your television time should help you drop weight faster.

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