How Much Fiber Per Day? High-Fiber Food List and Easy How to Guide, Dietary Sources, Grams, Meals and Recommendations

How Much Fiber Per Day?

How much fiber should you consume per day? High-fiber food list and simple how-to guide, dietary sources, grams, meals and other recommendations you can start today.

Eat This Much

Daily Intake of Dietary Fiber

Fiber is another of those nutritious elements, and it has been a general medical rallying call to us all for some time that everyone needs to be eating more fiber to maintain health and good plumbing.

The American Diabetic Association recommends that everyone needs to be consuming at least 25 grams of fiber daily.

An example of a high-fiber meal plan comprising 3 meals and one snack, looks like this:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
Whole grain cereal with fruit, almonds, wheat germ, and non-fat milk. Crunchy tuna salad, whole wheat crackers, fruit and carrots.

Beef and pepper saute, with pilaf rice- and fruit.

Whole wheat crackers and low-fat cheese.

A high fiber, low-fat diet plan like this, which is easy to prepare, provides the minimum level of fiber as recommended by the American Heart Association.

The Research

Research on Daily Dietary Fiber We Consume

It has been estimated that on average American citizens consume less than 50% of the recommended daily supply of fiber their bodies require for healthy living, and the same studies have shown that fiber intake in the nation’s youth is as low as 20% of the amount recommended.

Little wonder that we are a nation of obese people.

And little wonder that the government’s Food and Drug Administration has given approval for the food industry to make health claims about fiber to get people eating more of it.

Best Foods

High Fiber Foods to Increase Your Dietary Intake

Here’s a few of the best high-fiber foods you can eat and form as part of a high fiber diet:

Foods High in Fiber Fiber Grams % Of Recommended Daily Allowance
Whole wheat bread – one slice. 1.93g 7.73 %
Bran flakes – 1 cup. 7.73g 30.92 %
Brown rice – 1 cup. 3.51g 14.04 %
Whole wheat spaghetti – 1 cup. 6.3g 25.20 %
Red kidney beans – 100g. 6.4g 25.60 %
Canned baked beans – 1 cup. 13.92g 55.66 %
Almonds – 1oz, raw. 3.35g 13.38 %
Broccoli – 1 medium stalk, cooked. 5.94g 23.76 %
Savoy cabbage – 1 cup, cooked. 4.06g 16.24 %
Spinach – 1 cup, cooked. 4.32g 17.28 %
Potato – large, baked, flesh & skin. 6.28g 25.12 %
Sweet potato – 1 cup, baked, flesh & skin. 6.60g 26.40 %
Peas – 1 cup, frozen. 4.96g 19.84 %
Apple – small (4 per lb.). 2.54g 10.18 %
Banana – medium, raw. 3.07g 12.27 %
Pear – medium, raw. 5.15g 20.58 %

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