Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator:
How to Calculate and Measure, WHR Compared to BMI

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Calculate your waist to hip ratio, then compare it to your body mass index.

Calculating Risk About Your Ratios

Studies have found that fat around the abdominals and abdominal organs (visceral fat) or waist size, increases your odds of developing heart conditions and diabetes. This is a troubling finding for men as they generally have a high likelihood of developing heart disease and typically hold more body fat around their mid-sections. However, regardless of gender, “apple-shaped” people have a greater chance of developing diseases when compared to “pear-shaped" individuals.

Healthy Fat Percentages

Studies found that “love handles” or subcutaneous body fat, defined as fat that you can pinch and is right under the skin, was not found significant for predicting future diseases. Waist size from solid visceral fat around the abdominal organs is the culprit to watch out for that can lead to heart risks. A waist size greater than 40 inches for men and 35 for women is believed to be problematic and may cause the production of specific reactions that change glucose and cholesterol metabolism.

How to Measure for the Waist to Hip Ratio Calculation

Use a measuring tape to check your waistline and hip measurements.

  1. While standing relaxed, measure the smallest area around your waistline. Your smallest waist size is usually around the navel or belly button. After measuring, enter the number in the box labeled "waist".
  2. Measure the largest area around your hips. The largest area is usually around your buttocks. After measuring, enter the number in the box labeled "hip".
  3. Caution: Do not pull the measuring tape tight around your waistline or hips.
  4. Click the Submit Button to calculate.
  5. Your waist to hip calculation will appear in orange.


Calculator for Waist to Hip Ratio

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