Hiit Training: What Is High-intensity Interval Training and How Can It Improve Your Workouts

Hiit Training Defined

High-intensity interval training (hiit): what is it and how can it enhance your workouts.

If you have an important goal like getting back into your notorious black dress, you just need to take several steps to get into great shape. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you may think.

Well, let’s be realistic here. Change takes work and consistency.

Nevertheless, this article will teach you a shortcut called hiit and why all those hours spent logged on the treadmill may be a waste of your time. In fact, you can get better results in less than half the amount of cardio time by following high-intensity interval training (hiit).

Read on to learn the basic steps that could get you to your goals quicker with hiit-style training.

Your Intensity

Up the Training Intensity With Hiit

The first thing to think about is training intensity for hiit.

♥ You see, many women and men go to the gym, but spend too much time there. And they could have a much better workout and get better results by performing the same routine in less time.

This simply meant that they would increase their intensity levels and burn more calories.

What Is It?

What Is Training Intensity?

The intensity rate is the amount of work that you do and the amount of effort that you put into the training session.

♥ In simple terms, you should work on increasing your intensity level at the gym. If you do this, you will transform your body (if you have been going at a slower pace during your previous workout sessions).

Best Cardio

The Best Cardio is High Intensity Interval Training

Do me a favor, forget what you’ve read about different fat burning stages and the other classifications plastered on every treadmill. That’s science from when Jane Fonda made her first workout tape (VHS).

I’m going to be blunt.

You’re there to burn as many calories as possible. Higher intensity does just that.

Now, if you are heart healthy, I recommend cutting your cardio time and going after it (high intensity style).

♥ Start with intervals and crank the speed up. A great hiit workout to start with is intervals of 3 minutes (high) every 10 minutes or so.

♥ Keep the total duration short (under 30 minutes).

You won’t believe the cardio workout you get with high-intensity interval training.

Strength Training

Higher Intensity Weight Training

The next thing that you need to think about is working on the quality of your training program, over the quantity of the work done.

♥ With that in mind, if you focus on each exercise that you perform and put more effort into it, you will find that you don’t need to spend as long in the gym. Honestly, this will increase your fat loss and save you time.

♥ You also need to think about the types of exercises that you are doing. The exercises need to fit with your goals. Regardless, you should work on increasing the quality of both your strength routine and cardio sessions.

Heavy Weights

Higher Intensity Training With Weights

For women (not only men), it is also a good idea to gradually increase the weights that they lift. You can do this a few pounds at a time, each time you go to the gym. If you do this, you will train your body to become stronger and more resistant to the force you place on it. And that’s not all.

♥ It will also help to increase your muscle-to-fat ratio, which will speed up your metabolism.

♥ It’s just as important for women to build strength and muscle as men.

♥ The benefits are numerous, from osteoporosis prevention to slowing weight gain that typically happens with aging.

Recovery Time

Strength and High-intensity Interval Training Recovery Time

Recovering from your workouts is also very important. This is something that few people discuss or talk about.

♥ More exercise is not always better.

Without proper recovery you will be in jeopardy of over training your body and can do the opposite of what you intended.

Everyone needs to have adequate time for recovery to get the body that they desire. The key factor in the recovery process is the time involved. You need to simply recover properly before going through another workout session.

♥ Recovery time should be enough to allow your muscles, nervous system, immune system and hormonal system to recover.

Each person is different and based on your strength and hiit plan; recovery time will completely vary from one person to the next.

The Summary

High-intensity Interval Training Summary

In summary, the above steps will make your plan more efficient by cutting your workout time down. Your workouts will also be more effective due to your increased intensity (heavier weights and hiit).

Plus, these simple changes will make working out a lot more realistic for your current lifestyle, male or female. Besides, we all need more time. It’s our most valuable resource. Who wants to spend it running on a treadmill, or pushing weights up and down?

Not me, and I’m a fitness professional.

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Everyone is completely different, and so should their program (high-intensity interval training included).

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