Benefits of Yoga: Top Science-based Health Advantages: Flexibility, Strength, Posture and Mental Health, Simple Tips

Benefits of Yoga

Science of yoga: tips to improve flexibility, strength, posture and mental health - science-based yoga benefits for your health.

Celebrities, like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, are not the only ones using yoga for their weekly workouts these days to get healthy and stronger. Yoga is now one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in America.

In this article you will learn about the various yoga benefits, if it's realistic for your lifestyle and why this is an exercise trend here to stay.

Versus Traditional Exercise

The Science of Yoga Over Traditional Exercise

Tired of traditional exercises? Try a yoga workout.

If you are interested in a different form of exercise than lifting weights or running on a treadmill, then yoga may be what you have been looking for.

There are many benefits for switching to yoga. One is that you will feel a sense of calmness as you stretch your body in several different directions. You will also develop an improved sense of balance and overall strength.

♥ In fact, it's well established and documented that it's an excellent plan for improving functional movement patterns and flexibility.

Mental Health

Mental Health Science of Yoga

There are many yoga benefits that extend beyond just your body.

Yoga is also great for your head, as it is a spiritual exercise, which can really help your state of mind.

Generally, you will feel much more calm, centered and positive after a yoga session. Who knows, you may even be able to release a lot of the anxiety or frustrations that you have been carrying around with you.

♥ Here's an important caveat: If you work in a stressful environment, then taking a yoga class is a great way to let go of stress.

♥ For you, it may be more productive than going to the gym and lifting weights, especially if you are not enjoying it.

Inside a yoga class, you will focus on nothing but your breath, which is a very powerful exercise.

Bikram Style

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga

There is a style of yoga called Bikram, also known as hot yoga.

The classes are held in heated rooms up to 100 degrees. This is done so that it allows the body to warm-up quickly and remain warm.

A warm body increases the range of flexibility, reduces the chances of injury and helps the skin release toxins through sweat.

♥ Inside Bikram yoga, you will go through a set of twenty-six postures, and each one will be held for a certain period.

♥ This form of yoga is quite advanced and strenuous, so it is not recommended for beginners, or people with medical issues.

But, if you have been practicing yoga for some time, then you might want to consider trying Bikram yoga, as it will give you a new angle from which to approach the practice.


The Yoga Myth

Some people think yoga is just for very skinny and flexible people. Not so. Anyone can enjoy yoga, no matter what his or her shape or size. The key is getting started.

Once you take your first class based on your level of experience, you will be eager to get back to it again after you feel the benefits of stretching your body and breathing deeply.

This type of exercise is truly invigorating and typically doesn't leave you feeling out of breath.

Here to Stay

Yoga Is Here to Stay

In just the last few years, there have been more and more people interested in taking classes in yoga. Why is that the case? It's largely because it's a relaxing form of exercise and it gives your body a complete workout, while stretching your muscles at the same time. If you want, you can even get stronger using yoga.

In summary, yoga is a valuable form of exercise that's going to stick around indefinitely and it's worth giving it a shot, especially if you have ever grown tired of traditional exercises.

♥ Choose a beginner's workout to start with, so that you can get the instruction that you need. From here, you can then try out other forms of yoga.

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