How to Calculate Body Fat: Ways to Measure Your Percentage and Estimate Body Composition

How to Calculate Body Fat

How to determine body composition: measuring your percentage and calculating your body composition.

Body fat percentage is the proportion or ratio of your total weight; that is fat. The measurement is calculated by simply dividing the sum of your fat pounds, or fat mass, by your total body weight.

Free Tools

How to Determine Body Composition Tools

Use the resources below for simple ways to find or estimate your body fat online.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator
Click here to learn how to evaluate your body fat percentage yourself. Please note that this is not the most accurate measuring or estimate method, but an easy solution for those wanting to take it independently or who prefer to do so in the privacy of their home.

What is Body Composition?
First, click here to learn why it's so crucial that you track your body fat regularly and why your weight is just another number without it.

Body Fat Chart By Ace
Click here to see where you and others are measured on the body fat index chart.

Body Fat Chart Based on Age for Women
Females, start here to see where your body fat percentage measures based on your age and gender.

Body Fat Chart Based on Age for Men
Men, click the link above to see where your body fat percentage should average based on your age.

Women and Men's Body Fat Measuring Differences
Start here to learn about the measurement differences between men and women's body fat ranges and why they should track differently.

Body Fat Percentage Tests
Click here if you would like to learn the current and best methods for body fat testing.

The Accuracy

How to Determine Body Composition Accurately

There is no absolute way to determine exact body composition on living people.

♥ The current methods have evolved after years of testing and are based on clinically significant relationships between at least one measurable variable that correlates with body composition.

Let's use a pinch test as a basic example.

The thickness of your skin is measured at specific spots on your body with calipers. Those measurements are then plugged into an equation that has been found to scientifically correlate with body comp. Your body fat is then estimated based on those numbers.

♥ Keep in mind that there is a lot of variance in the equations that can be applied. For that reason, you should use an equation that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and situation.

♥ For example, if you are not an athlete, you should not use the same equation as they do to calculate body fat.

The following info will help you figure out which method is ideal for your specific needs.

Keep in mind that every type of measurement test has advantages and disadvantages.

Start here to learn about the different body fat percentage tests and find out what method is the best for your body fat estimate.

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