Body Fat Calculator:
Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage for Health, Measure BMI, Weight and Compare Composition

Body Fat Calculator

Determine your percentage for good health, assess your BMI, body weight and compare compositions: your body fat percentage calculation.

The below calculator is an easier way to estimate your body's composition privately. If you prefer going to a professional, learn more about the comprehensive scans, calculations and body fat testing methods here. We also provide simple body fat charts for quicker reference.

Recommended for Women

Recommended Body Composition for Women

Are you looking for an ideal body fat percentage calculator? Women naturally have higher body fat percentages. It averages out to around five percent greater when compared to men.

Genetically, women need more body fat for childbirth and have less fat burning enzymes. Women also have more enzymes for storing fat that is magnified by the hormone estrogen.

Women should only focus on reaching a body fat level that falls into healthy ranges for females. Women that get too lean are at a higher risk for other diseases and health issues like osteoporosis. In contract, women that carry a high percentage in the obese range are at a highly likelihood of breast and endometrial cancer, infertility, birth defects and other gynecological issues.


Calculators' Body Estimate Recommendations

  • Height is taken without shoes.
  • Neck is taken below the larynx sloping slightly downward at the front.
  • Waist for men at navel height, for women at the smallest point.
  • Hips is for women only. Estimate taken at the largest point.


Body Fat Percentage Tool

Estimate My Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Test

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