Weight Lifting for Weight Loss: Strength Training to Help You Lose, Easy Training Tips and Free Sample Workouts

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Weight training for weight loss: how to use strength training to help you reduce weight, along with simple training techniques and free workout routines.

Do you want to have an easier time losing weight, decrease your odds of weight rebounding, and improve your muscular strength all at the same time?

Strength training for weight loss may fix what you have been searching for.

The Benefits

Why Weight Training for Weight Loss?

Weight lifting speeds up the metabolism of the body. This means that men and women will both burn more fat and calories when they are in a rested state after training.

♥ Having a higher percentage of muscle to fat increases your metabolism and makes it easier to lose weight. Muscles burn calories, body fat does not.

♥ Furthermore, if you train with weights regularly, you will find that your likelihood of rebounding back to a previous weight is less likely.

Once you get into the routine of strength training, you will enjoy it and continue to do it each week. Faster weight loss results will keep you coming back.

♥ Men and women should both use strength training for losing weight as part of their overall training program strategy. It will facilitate their weight loss, increase their metabolic rate and get them to their goals quicker.

Your Recommendations

Weight Training for Weight Loss Recommendations

When you engage in a strength training program, you will be able to keep increasing your strength. However, everyone has a genetic sticking point regardless of gender. Women's rates are typically lower than men's.

If you gain muscle very easily and your goal is just to lose body fat and tone up, then you should choose a weight that you can lift for 12 to 15 repetitions.

This will activate muscle fibers that generate strength and endurance, instead of strength and hypertrophy. And this prevents you from building a lot of muscle mass, even if it is possible. Keep in mind, this is only recommended for those that gain muscle with ease. I'm talking about those people that enter a gym and walk out more muscular just from gazing at the weights.

The Science

Research on Weight Training for Weight Loss

♥ Based on research, heavier weight training (12-6 reps) is more effective for stimulating muscle change, male or female.

To recap, most people will experience the greatest gains and improvements with heavier weights, 10-6 range.

Free Strength Plans

Free Weight Lifting Routines to Lose

Are you looking for a free beginner weight training plan that you can complete at home without any equipment? Or maybe you are lacking the time needed to follow a consistent exercise routine at the club? Check out the routines below to get started or to just get some ideas on where to begin. We even included a few workouts that are a little more advanced and that includes general exercise equipment that you can typically find at your local gym.

Beginner Plans for Women

Beginner Weight Lifting Plans for Women

The Myths

Women Weight Training for Weight Loss Myths

It just drives me nuts, but there is also a big misconception that women who lift weights will get muscle-bound and bulky. Well, it's as legit as those cheesy infomercials trying to sell you toning products for your rear-end or even those silly breast enlargement pills. In my best English accent, it's plain rubbish. It's entirely untrue for many reasons.

♥ For example, women produce much more estrogen than testosterone. This means that it is far more difficult for women to build muscle in comparison to men.

♥ Not only this, but anyone who wants to build a lot more muscle needs to eat a lot more food and protein.

♥ A bodybuilder's diet typically includes red meat, white meat, dairy products and several other muscle building foods. Most women and everyday people simply don't eat this type of food.

♥ Besides eating the foods to build muscle, you would also need to eat a much larger portion of food each day as mentioned earlier.

♥ Essentially, you would need to increase your calorie intake to really pack it on. If you don't, you won't have the necessary nutrients and abundance of energy to build more muscle, even if you lift weights.

In other words, if you maintain your calorie intake and weight train, then you will simply burn more calories than usual and add a little muscle tone to your frame. It's that simple. You will not get bulky, overdeveloped muscles.

The Summary

Weight Training for Weight Loss Summary

To sum it all up, weight lifting is essential for everyone regardless of gender and won't turn a woman into a strong-man or bodybuilder no matter how much weight they lift.

Get Help

Weight Lifting and Weight Loss Help

Our services may not be right for you. We don't believe in quick fix diets. We will never sell diet pills that promise you will lose 18 pounds in two days.

What we do believe in is consistency, and that following a strength training and nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle is the true secret to success.

We are a team of certified personal trainers that create exercise and nutrition plans based on those simple principles.

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