Alli Weight Loss Pills: How Does Orlistat Work? FDA-approved Diet Aid & Anti-obesity Medication

Alli Weight Loss Pills

How does alli (orlistat ) work as a weight-loss aid? The alli pill (orlistat) is a dietary supplement that has been approved by the food and drug administration (fda).

What Is It?

Anti-obesity Medication, Alli

Alli is a drug and weight loss pill derived from the prescribed medication Xenical and is FDA approved.

This over-the-counter, available to all weight loss pills has taken the world by storm by people excited at the prospect of controlling their weight easily, and super quickly (although it is a pill that will make light work of emptying your purse, too, at $55 for 20 days' worth).

Trouble is – it makes you poop. And quite suddenly too. Which in effect makes it just a laxative.

The Side Effects

Side Effects of the Alli

Even drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline warns you that it’s best to start taking Alli on your day off to avoid any embarrassing explosions. Oh, yes, they even advise you to wear dark clothing with this weight loss pill.

♥ The Alli pill works by decreasing the amount of fat your body absorbs.

In effect, the Alli pill holds your body accountable with the threat of filling your pants if you eat above 15g of fat at any meal. If you stray over that magic figure, you can end up with a messy figure from the bottom down.

A revolting thought, no?

The Warnings

Alli Health Warnings

It may not be, strictly speaking dangerous, although it could cause irreparable harm to your public image. Although having said that, Alli does have side effects (like most all manufactured chemical-based drugs), including stomach pain, gas, and (wait for it) uncontrolled seepage of anal oil. Yuck, man.

And of course, this pill is not exactly for everyone as people with diabetes, thyroid, gallbladder or kidney stones must seek medical advice before using Alli.

Losing Weight on Orlistat

But is this really the answer to losing weight? Keeping your weight down under threat of public humiliation? Is that really any way to live your life? Should you really have to carry a spare pair of undergarments with you everywhere you go when you go out?

No, of course not, because what you are not told is that once you stop using fast weight loss products (which you surely will want to eventually), you are simply going to put all that weight you lost back on – immediately.

The Summary

Alli Weight Loss Summary

And the whole point of using a drug like the Alli pill is that it must be combined with a healthier diet and regular exercise. It’s part of the deal. In other words, it all boils down to having a balanced diet, and a sustainable exercise routine.

♥ Unless you start changing your eating habits and combine it with regular exercise using an Alli pill or any other drugs, it is just not going to work anyway. Do you really think you are going to pop an Alli daily to keep fat away for the rest of your life? Of course not.

♥ Regarding reliance on drugs, the bottom line is the drugs just don't work for long-term benefit. Drugs don't cure anything. They just provide short-term relief.

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