Do Diet Pills Work? Can They Help You Lose Weight? The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements, Anti-obesity Medication

Do Diet Pills Work?

Do weight loss pills work (anti-obesity medication)? Can they assist you in losing weight? The truth about dietary supplements for weight loss.

You don't have to do anything except pop a diet pill in and wait for the weight to fall off. It's that easy. It's just a pill.

It's not hard to understand why it has become so popular. But like many drugs, prescribed (anti-obesity medication) or otherwise, Anti-obesity Medication, taking them can have serious side effects, as well as not being very successful in the long-term.

The diet pill works by suppressing your appetite. Chemicals in the brain are released that in turn reduce feelings of hunger. In other words, you take a pill, and this causes you to eat less. It's a form of starvation, really, so it's going to work for a while.


Diet Pill Dangers

But there is a limit to how long the body can withstand such treatment, and reliance on something like a diet pill that tampers with your body's natural mechanisms and doesn't always go down well with your body's defense system.

♥ Many of the side effects associated with taking diet pills are the same as those experienced when taking antidepressants and other drugs or medications and can cause strokes, convulsions, panic attacks, hallucinations, stomach pains and even death.

The Research

Research on Weight Loss Pills

It's been well documented in numerous medical journals and research papers that as soon as people stop taking diet pills, they are back where they started, eating like they normally did and putting the weight back on - instantly.

So, is it even worth it?

Strangely enough, many people desperate to lose weight think it is, but they just don't know how harmful it can be.

Dangers of Phentermine

The dangers of taking a fast weight loss diet pill such as phentermine (which is banned in Britain but still readily available on the internet from over 2,300 websites and in the US as a controlled substance) is well illustrated in the case of one woman who wanted to lose 28 pounds (2 stones).

She started taking phentermine and within days was starting to feel "odd."

She spent $200 for a two-week supply, but soon found herself suffering from shakes, and teeth grinding, and she couldn't eat more than a few apples and a slice of toast, and if she did manage a decent meal, she would feel bloated and nauseous right afterwards.

Agonizing stomach pains followed, as well as sleepless nights, but the weight did come off, and her target of 28 pounds was reached.

However, as soon as she stopped taking the pill, the weight came straight back on. And that's when she began taking double and triple doses, which led to even worse side effects.

She started hallucinating then, and even passed out on various occasions. Her condition grew so bad her doctor eventually booked her in for a course of intensive psychotherapy when her weight plummeted.

The Weight Loss Pill Is Not Natural

♥ Feeding the body anything that isn't natural is just asking for trouble.

♥ Yes, our bodies may consist of chemicals - but these are naturally occurring. They are not manufactured by robots and are made by people in factories.

Remember Fen-Phen?

Talking of dangerous pills, Fen-Phen is probably one of the most dangerous ever invented.

A combination of the dietary drugs Fenfluramine and Phentermine, it was all the rage (with 18 million prescriptions being filled in each month in 1996) and became a much-loved weight loss pill for about a year.

♥ Until 24 women developed serious heart disease as a direct result of taking the drug, the drug company was sued to the tune of $4.75 billion, and the guilty product was removed from harm's way forever.

Ironically, Fen-Phen was created because some bright pharmacist had the clever idea that by combining the two drugs, the side effects of each could be nullified. For instance, constipation caused by phentermine was offset by diarrhea caused by fenfluramine.

Oh, happy days. Well, for a while.

Not so happy for American Home Products when that lawsuit dropped through the letterbox onto their marble entrance hall.


Diet Pills Summary

And the whole point of using a drug like weight loss pills is that it must be combined with a healthier diet and regular exercise. It’s part of the deal.

♥ In other words, it all boils down to having a balanced diet, and a sustainable exercise routine. Unless you start changing your eating habits and combining it with regular exercise using any other drug is just not going to work anyway.

♥ Regarding reliance on drugs, the bottom line is the drugs just don't work for long-term benefit. Drugs don't cure anything. They just provide short-term relief.

Weight Loss Help

No weight loss wonder pills sold here. No fad diet plans. Neither are magic bullets or quick fixes that work for all. You’re unique, and so should your nutrition and exercise plan.

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