What Is My Resting Metabolic Rate? Calculate Resting Metabolic Rate Formula to Lose Weight, RMR and Basal Metabolic Rate

What Is My Resting Metabolic Rate to Lose Weight?

What is my metabolic rate at rest? - find your rmr formula to lose weight.

The Numbers

What Is My RMR?

Step 1: Multiply your body weight by 10.

Step 2: Determine what your overall exercise level is.

Very Active Add 60% - 80% to Your RMR
Moderately Active Add 40% - 60% to Your RMR
Generally Sedentary Add 20% - 40% to Your RMR

Easy Examples

RMR Examples

For example, if you weigh 150-pounds and consider yourself to be moderately active, then the following equation would apply to you.

♥ 1500 + (1500 x 50%) = 1500 + 750, or 2250 calories.

You can also determine your basal metabolic rate here.

Help for You

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