How to Lose Weight at Home: Simple Natural Weight Loss Based on Science, 7 Best Steps and Tips to Drop Fat Fast Today

How to Lose Weight at Home

Dieting and weight management at home: simple natural weight loss based on science; seven top methods and strategies to lose fat quickly today.

Before I bore you with research findings about changing weight online, here are the steps that you can start following today for losing weight at home.

First Step

First Step on Losing Weight at Home

Use the free weight loss tool to estimate your daily calorie needs on the right.

Second Step

Second Step on Weight Loss at Home

View our free diet plans here. Select a plan that fits within your calorie needs, includes foods you enjoy and that works with your busy schedule.

Third Step

Third Step on Home Weight Loss

People who log calories have higher compliance levels and lose faster. Implement some method of logging calories that is most convenient for you.

Fourth Step

Fourth Step on Losing Pounds at Home

People who exercise regularly also have greater success rates. You can find several simple at home workouts that you can start with.

Fifth Step

Fifth Step on Weight Management at Home

Measure your weight and progress weekly.

Six Step

Six Step on Weight Management at Home

Structure and meal plan for the weekends. If you don't, your weight loss results can be hampered.

Seventh Step

Seventh Step on Weight Loss at Home

Enlist the help of someone that is dependable and update them weekly with your progress on a set day.

Now, on to the research on how to lose pounds at home.

The Internet

The Internet and Losing Weight at Home

You know, there's no denying it; making significant changes to one's lifestyle takes a lot of willpower and inner belief and determination.

And the same goes for anyone looking to lose weight and achieve a healthy, balanced schedule of diet and exercise. Getting there can be such a struggle if one is relying on self-motivation and drive, which is why many people fail in their attempts.

♥ However, current research is showing that one-to-one weight loss supervision via the internet is proving big on success and is the best solution for anyone having trouble losing weight or who prefers losing weight at home.

Here's why.

This is no doubt down to the fact that the interactive capabilities of the internet provide the ideal scenario for dieters and weight-loss seekers because it allows people to follow their workout when they want and when it suits them best, anytime during the day or night.

That's the beauty of online services such as who offer personalized health and fitness plans based on every individual's particular needs and circumstances.

The Research

Research on Home Weight Management

Researchers at Maryland University discovered that health and fitness workouts via online websites had proven effective regarding assisting with self-monitoring and were also successful in providing a structured approach to modifying energy balance as well as supplying individualized feedback and support.

Other studies, such as the report that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled "Effects of Internet Behavioral Counseling on Weight Loss in Adults at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes," demonstrated that the behavioral e-counseling group lost more mean weight after one year than the basic internet group and had greater decreases in percentages of initial body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference.

♥ The researchers concluded that adding email counseling to a basic weight loss intervention workout significantly improved weight loss in adults at risk of diabetes.

Help and Advice

Losing Weight at Home With Help and Advice

Making use of professionals and experts such as those at would seem to be the ideal solution for finding an exercise program and diet for losing weight because each member gets weekly check-ins with a certified personal trainer and unlimited email support.

Combine this with personalized exercise and diet plans that are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client, and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle change that can be maintained over time.

And ultimately, that is the name of the game, or at least the result any dieter wants: a healthy weight that can be successfully maintained in a way that works for them.

With websites such as you get proven professionals and proven results.

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